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Feeling stuck in your career, unsure of your passion or need to reconnect with your inner self?

When you have tough decisions to make, and the future seems uncertain, getting a psychic reading from an online psychic can help give you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward. 

Nevertheless, a quick search online will show you hundreds, if not thousands, of online psychic reading services to select from. Every one of them claims to have the best service, but it can be difficult to ascertain which is best and deserves your trust.

This article will highlight the 5 best online psychic reading sites for a more accurate psychic reading in 2023. Trying to pick out the best psychic reading websites from the results can be quite difficult to achieve. It becomes challenging to note the trustworthy, reliable websites with the most accurate psychic readings. 

Furthermore, you also have to take the time to locate real psychics on the site. Fortunately, we have taken on the challenge for you. The psychic reader sites highlighted in this article have passed stringent tests and reviews. Every site listed in this article meets the standard for an accurate psychic reading. With that, let’s break down the best online psychic readings websites.

Best Psychic Reading Websites in 2023

  1. California Psychics – Affordable Accurate Readings by Phone or Chat from Real Psychics. ($1/Minute)
  2. Kasamba – Biggest discount for new clients (70% OFF + 3 Free Minutes)
  3. Psychic Source – Best suited for relationship and love readings (3 Free Minutes)
  4. Keen Psychics – Best for guidance on important life questions with 10 minutes for just $1.99
  5. Purple Garden – Best psychic readings for actionable financial advice

1. California Psychics – Best Online Psychic Site for More Intimate Readings

California Psychics

California Psychics is one of the best psychics readings websites. It has been operating since 1995 and has been dedicated to aiding clients to live their best lives. California Psychics prides itself on providing quality, reliable and affordable psychic readings. This network aims to provide guidance and enlightenment while ensuring clarity in your life.

California Psychics is great for those new to the psychic reading scene. It has been operating with the tenet of trust and faith. A factor that makes this online psychic site stand out is that it only offers psychic phone readings. 

Getting a psychic reading is easy with California Psychics; you simply have to visit the website and choose from the list of available online psychics. Each online psychic will have their information next to their name and picture. This information can include the following:

  • Their price 
  • Specialty 
  • The number of psychic readings they have done 
  • How long they have worked with California Psychics 
  • The type of psychic readings they cover 
  • Availability 
  • How many people they have in line, plus an estimated wait time 

Connect with Compassionate Psychic Advisors More Intimately via California Psychics

California Psychics Readings Services

California Psychics has a plethora of online psychics that offer various psychic readings available. When choosing an online psychic, it is important to pick one that specializes in the field that sparks your interest. A few of the services offered by California Psychics are:

Love Psychics

This type of psychic reading is conducted by an online psychic who knows everything about love. It can be suited to those that have been single for a while, as online psychics can explain why it has been difficult to find a relationship. The online psychic can also provide you with advice on finding your soulmate.

Love psychics are especially helpful for those in a relationship. Such online psychic readings can reassure you. They can help confirm your suspicions of infidelity. It could also be that you and your partner have hit a rough patch, and your online psychic can help determine the most effective path and decision to take concerning your relationship.

Pet Psychics

These psychic advisors can help give closure if you have lost a beloved pet. With such a psychic reading, you get the opportunity to understand the emotions and feelings of animals. For example, a pet psychic can help you understand why your pet is suddenly exhibiting strange behavior or not eating. 


Psychic mediums can channel spirits, connecting with the dead. This form of psychic reading is suited for those that have recently lost a loved one they wish to communicate with. As with tarot readers, psychic mediums can provide additional insight into your past, present, and future.

Clairvoyant Psychics

Clairvoyant psychics are online psychics with the ability to see the future. This type of psychic reading can help provide you with wisdom and a better understanding of your future.


An empath is an online psychic born with the ability to understand your mental or emotional state. Since these online psychics can form deep connections and bonds, they are perfectly suited for guiding you through difficult times. Furthermore, empaths can help you gain clarity, reveal new possibilities, and give your optimism.

Tarot Readers

Expert online psychics conduct tarot readings to tell fortunes and psychic predictions. They use a deck of cards to provide clients with insights into their past, present, and future.

Select From 100s of Experienced and Qualified Psychics at California Psychics

2. Kasamba – The Most Affordable Online Psychic Site for Newbies



Kasamba has been in business for more than 20 years, and in those two decades, it has been committed to providing high-quality and accurate psychic readings via live chat and email. A standout feature of Kasamba is the plethora of services clients can select from. This online psychic site has everything from career forecasts, dream interpretation, tarot, fortune telling, astrology and much more.

It also helps that every psychic reader at Kasamba has their own bio page. This bio page lets clients learn about their abilities, read past client reviews, schedule appointments, and view their rates. Furthermore, Kasamba provides a best-match guarantee of 3 free minutes with a new psychic reader.

Kasamba is a great option for those who want various services to select from and great email reading. You should note that all psychic readings are 100% anonymous, confidential and private. With more than 20 years in operation, you can be sure that Kasamba’s clients are satisfied. You can also enjoy convenient payments such as PayPal, Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Kasamba Psychic Readings Mediums

Thanks to its solid reputation, it has served more than three million people over 20 years. Kasamba offers many services to help with a wide array of issues. The online psychics on this platform can provide the following readings:


Clients can request and get psychic readings via email. This process can be quite convenient and helps clients refer to their readings later.


Clients can get a more personal touch with psychic phone readings.

Online Chat

Kasamba offers this psychic readings medium for those that want a convenient way to speak to a psychic. Online chat works for those on the move but still want to speak with a psychic reader from their laptop or smartphone.

With these mediums available, you no longer have to walk around town to find real psychics. Every online psychic at Kasamba has undergone a stringent screening process to ensure they are qualified and have the right expertise to provide a service on the platform. 

The core philosophy at Kasamba is to help people become enlightened and align themselves with the goals they want in life. Online psychics can also help clients heal or resolve any issues they might have.

This belief, coupled with the comprehensive list of online psychics to select from, makes it easier to find a suitable online psychic.

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Kasamba’s Vetting Process

The vetting process at Kasamba is quite strict. As with hiring a lawyer or electrician, hiring a psychic reader means you must check their credentials first. Kasamba believes in legitimacy, backed by its psychics having great customer ratings. Clients can get accurate psychic readings from online psychics at this site.

And unlike other sites that pay for ratings, only ratings provided by paying clients are counted. Given that Kasamba has been in business for more than 20 years, it makes perfect sense that it focuses on hiring only reliable and legit online psychics. Customers rate psychics, so the platform would be hurting itself by only hiring fake ones.

Kasamba Psychic Readings Services

Kasamba has many services to help clients, irrespective of their issues. Some of the services include:

Relationships and Love

This psychic reading service covers everything from soulmate connections and breakups to couples with kids and divorce. The online psychics at Kasamba can help you, irrespective of the type of relationship issue you have. The psychic readings help provide much-needed clarity.


Numerology helps you discover the meaning behind important numbers in your life, be it your date of birth or certain number combinations that constantly appear in your life.

New Age Spirituality

Online psychics can help provide guidance in finding enlightenment and fulfillment. This type of reading brings out your inner empowerment by clearing any hindrances and showing you where the true path lies.

Past Life Readings

This type of reading can be a great way to discover how your past life and experiences have shaped your present life. It could be that you have experienced soulmate love in the past or have suffered from past life traumas. This type of psychic reading can help you.

Pets and Animals

This type of psychic reading can help you understand your furry pet’s soul energy. It can also help you create a deeper bond with the animal you love and consider family.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings can help provide you with your true spiritual path and guidance to connect with your spirituality.

Paranormal Experiences

This type of psychic reading is great for those that experience paranormal activity. Kasamba’s online psychics can reveal the truth behind these experiences and offer support and guidance.

Career Forecasts

Speaking with an online psychic can help reveal if you are making the correct career choices. Such a psychic reading can also help you shed light on the path your career will take you in the future. Furthermore, a career forecast can be great for you to know if your career aligns with your passion.

Dream Interpretation

Dream analysis can help shed light on your innate fears and desires. The online psychics at Kasamba can break down any common themes you have, helping you understand the messages that your dreams bring.

Speak With A Kasamba Psychic For 3 Minutes For Free

3. Psychic Source – Best Online Psychic Site for Matters of the Heart

Psychic Source

Psychic Source

Psychic Source has consistently been one of the best psychic reading websites. It has been in existence since 1989, and that makes it one of the oldest and most trustworthy online psychic services. Psychic Source has more than 250 real psychics, each screened and vetted for authority. 

There are various services and online psychics for clients to select from. The services include energy healing, love readings, psychic mediums, tarot, and energy. 

Clients have all claimed to get accurate psychic readings from online psychics at Psychic Source. It also helps that the site offers psychic readings for as low as $0.66 per minute. Furthermore, new clients get 3 free minutes with each session.

Psychic Source offers psychic readings via live video, online chat, and over the phone, with every psychic reader tested to provide accurate psychic readings. Users also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Compared to other online psychics sites, Psychic Source operates differently. Instead of clients registering for a psychic reading session and then entering their payment information, they have to create an account and load money into their accounts. This prepaid method enables clients to select an online psychic to work with.

Once the psychic reading is finished, the session’s price is deducted from the client’s account. Clients can add money to their accounts via debit or credit cards, money orders, and gift cards. 

Psychic Source functions on anonymity, with no information but your name shared with the online psychics.

Psychic Source Readings Services

The online psychics at Psychic Source can provide the following readings:

Love and Relationship

With Psychic Source, you can get a psychic reading online on love and relationships. The online psychics at Psychic Source can seamlessly pick up on important information. This process means you always get personal guidance. Furthermore, the online psychics at Psychic Source have over a decade of experience providing love and relationship psychic readings. 


Career reading is another important aspect that people tend to want answers in. It could be that your career is not progressing as quickly as you want it to. It could also be that you feel stagnant and are looking for a change. 

Regardless of what you are looking for, consulting with a career online psychic reader can help you gain clarity and the insight required to make the right decisions in your life. To this end, there are more than 100 real psychics to choose from.


These readings were developed to offer insightful and accurate guidance on your life path. This is best suited for those who feel lost with no purpose. Clients can choose from more than 100 highly rated online psychics for help.

Furthermore, you can recognize just how far or close you are to your dream life thanks to this type of reading. With this reading, you get a closer glimpse of your future. 

These readings can be a great way to discover yourself and your purpose in life. The online psychics that offer this reading have personal experience, which makes them better equipped to provide practical advice.

Get up to 75% OFF on your first reading on Psychic Source

4. Keen Psychics – Best for Guidance on Important Life Questions (H3)

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is an online psychic service that has been operating since 1999. It offers cheap psychic readings via chat or phone to more than 4 million customers. To ensure that clients get accurate psychic readings on the site, Keen utilizes a crowd-sourced platform that lets users leave anonymous ratings and reviews after their sessions. This process makes it quite easy to discover the real psychics and avoid the bad ones. 

More than 1,700 psychics readers are on this psychic reading site, available via the Keen Psychic mobile app or website. This ensures you can always find the right one for you. Keen Psychics provides various filtering options to help you narrow your search by customer rating, availability, price, and category to ensure you get the best psychic reader. 

The mobile app also makes it easy to view current online psychics. You can also connect with them instantly via a click of a button. Keen Psychics is for you if you are searching for affordable psychic readings. This site is known for cheap psychic readings thanks to its $1.99 rate for 10 minutes.

As the largest online psychic service on this list, it has the most online psychic readers on its platform. This does, however, mean that there is a little screening process for online psychics. Given the absence of stringent background checks, clients can get a range of terrible to great online psychics.

That being said, it is possible to know how long online psychics have been with the platform, the number of readings they have conducted, coupled with the ratings and reviews from previous clients. All of this can make it easier to find real psychics. 

While Keen Psychics has a promotion of 10-minute readings for just $1.99, you should note that not every online psychic on the platform will honor the deal. This promotion is great for those getting to know the online psychic reading scene.

There was a time when Keen Psychic was strictly known as a site for fraud and scams. However, in recent years, the platform has made a concerted effort to eliminate the riffraff. This could be further bolstered by introducing a stringent screening process; however, that remains yet to be seen.

That being said, Keen Psychics is one of the best online psychic reading sites. It is perfect for those that want cheap psychic readings from real psychics. The key to finding one is to pay close attention to the reviews.

The website has a pretty decent layout and design. The improved design makes it easier to read reviews, schedule readings, and sort online psychics by their ratings. It is possible to schedule a psychic reading with a particular online psychic even if they aren’t currently online. One of the major benefits of Keen Psychics is that some online psychics offer both phone and chat psychic readings; however, not all offer both options. 

A spectacular feature is knowing how long a psychic reader has been a member of this platform and the number of psychic readings they have offered. This feature can be useful in finding the right online psychic with the right experience. This isn’t something that every psychic website offers.

With Keen Psychics, you have to pay for your psychic readings upfront—this helps to ensure you aren’t surprised by any unexpected charges to your account on the psychic reading platform. Keen also offers a “seamless” pay service that automatically tops up your account. This feature ensures that your psychic readings aren’t interrupted. For those weary about any automatic withdrawals from their accounts, Keen keeps this feature optional by default.

Nevertheless, it can be a great feature if you are concerned about your session being cut off while making breakthroughs. Should you use this feature, you must use it with caution. Failure to pay attention to it could result in a large surprise on your next month’s credit card bill.

Get a 10 Minute Session With A Keen Psychic For $1.99

Keen Psychics Psychic Readings Services

Love and Relationships

This type of psychic reading provides advice pertaining to relationships and love. While the love advisors at Keen possess the same psychic intuition as other advisors, their experience makes them more intuitive to topics linked to the matter of the heart. 

Life Readings

A life reading is a general psychic reading that contains just about everything you need to gain clarity. It can provide you with the guidance required for certain situations. For instance, if you are unsure about a career change, an online psychic can guide you to make the best decision based on your weaknesses and strengths through life readings. 

They can also help you create a plan that overcomes any prospective roadblocks. This reading is also great for those that feel lost about life. It can be what’s needed to help get you back on track to living your best life.

Tarot Readings

Online tarot readings can be great for those that want advice about a particular situation. It could also be great for those who want a unique life perspective. The type of tarot reading you get will depend on the online psychic’s skillset and experience.

Spiritual Readings

A spiritual reading can comprise your past, present, and future. You can gain an insight into these aspects of your life to better understand what your main purpose in life is. Furthermore, this type of psychic reading is guided by intuitive awareness, which taps into your emotional, psychological, and spiritual evolution. 

This online psychic reading session is great for those who want to connect with deceased loved ones, angel and spirit guides, receive spiritual guidance, or look at their pasts. Spiritual readings can also be a great way to gain awareness of any life lessons you might have.

Cheap introductory rate ($1.99 for 10 minutes) Only at Keen

5. Purple Garden – Best Psychics for Financial Advice

Purple Garden

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is one of the best online psychic platforms. It has more than 1,500 psychic readers available to provide psychic readings to people from all corners of life. Unlike most online psychic websites with just a site, Purple Garden takes it a step further and has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Both the app and website are very user-friendly, enabling clients to seamlessly find what they need without any issues.

Purple Garden provides psychic readings via voice calls, chat, and video calls. The site enables clients to review online psychic readers and learn about them. This way, clients can get a feel of a psychic reader. All the online psychics on this platform are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nevertheless, certain psychic readers aren’t always available. 

Purple Garden requires additional information when you place an order for a psychic reading. The additional information can include your billing address and credit card information. You must provide the right information. Otherwise, Purple Garden can terminate your account.

As stated earlier, the online psychic readers at Purple Garden provide psychic readings via chat, video calls, and voice calls. The plethora of reading options available on this platform is certainly not in the majority, as some platforms only provide readings via chat.

Purple Garden also has the Journeys feature, which enables it to stand out in the sea of online psychic platforms. You should note that this feature is only available on the mobile application. Those looking for free psychic readings will be disappointed, as Purple Garden doesn’t provide free trials. 

The online psychic readers at Purple Garden are characterized according to their customer reviews. Each psychic reader charges their per-minute fees. Fortunately, Purple Garden is transparent about these prices, as clients can view them once they clock on an online psychic’s profile. Purple Garden also frequently offers discounts to clients, ensuring that affordable psychic readings are available.

Get a FREE reading on the go with Purple Garden

While many organizations offer online psychic readings, it can be difficult to tell which ones provide accurate psychic readings and which ones are scams. At first glance, it can be difficult to ascertain if Purple Garden is credible just by looking at its mobile app and website, but that changes once you spend more time on the platform.

This is because there isn’t much information on the site about Purple Garden’s past performance or achievements. Nevertheless, it has existed for many years, and with thousands of satisfied clients recommending Purple Garden’s top-rated online psychics, the facts speak for themselves.

You can check out each online psychic reader by clicking on their profile. For those that want the best online psychics Purple Garden has to offer, there is a filter that provides that on the first page of the website. The psychic readers that provide the most accurate psychic readings are also highlighted. You can filter out the list using variables such as recommended, top-rated, and all.


Purple Garden utilizes an extremely unique feature known as Journeys. This feature enables clients on the platform to share their experiences with their chosen psychic readers. They can also use it to learn from the experiences of other clients.

The Journeys feature comes with various life topics that clients can access at no additional charge. Journeys explores the following concerns and issues:

  • Breakups 
  • Infidelity 
  • Finding love 
  • Relationship problems 
  • Soulmates 
  • Feelings of sadness 
  • Career 
  • Decision making 
  • Feelings of stress or uneasiness 
  • And more 

Purple Garden Psychic Reading Services

As stated earlier, Purple Garden provides numerous psychic readings for users to access. It is possible to view the entire range of readings. To access the categories on the mobile app, clients must select categories to see the entire range of psychic reading services available to them.

You should note that this list is not exhaustive, as each online psychic’s profile has a full list of the additional services they might offer. This list can include specialties unique to the psychic reader.

With that in mind, here are the main types of psychic readings available on Purple Garden:

Dream Analysis

Dreams can help provide information about us that we are privy to when awake. Dream interpretations from the online psychics at Purple Garden can help us understand those messages. 

Dreaming has been proven to promote healing, control your fears, and eliminate the things that hold you back. The experienced dream interpreters at Purple Garden can help you analyze your dreams, showing you the way forward. These readings can help you discover various symbols and what they mean in your life.

Angel Insights

Angel insight readings can help provide a channel for you to communicate with the angels around you. Your guardian angels can help proffer guidance in your life, answering any questions. This psychic reading can be useful for grieving as it helps spur healing.

Oracle Guidance

Oracle guidance is similar to tarot card readings; however, oracle cards aren’t as particular. The messages you get from oracle guidance are easier to understand. This is because the messages communicated are simple yet have a deeper meaning. On the other hand, online tarot readings convey messages that might be too ambiguous and rely on context.

Oracle readings are meant to guide you into making decisions that will provide you with the best future; however, they do not always come true. This is because positive results can sometimes require patience. Moreover, you might still experience certain struggles before things take a turn for the positive.

Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology is a great psychic reading topic as it offers almost all you need to know about your past. Horoscopes can also be great for those looking to know how others around them see them. 

Furthermore, horoscopes can help confirm any challenges and successes they face, coupled with their ideal life. Psychic readers specializing in horoscopes and astrology can utilize their skills to aid your decision-making while predicting the future. 

Palm Readings

Palm readings are quite difficult to find on other sites. This is because they are difficult to offer via most mediums; however, Purple Garden offers readings via video calls, which lets the client show their palms to the psychic readers. 

Palm readings can help provide clarity concerning your future. The results can tell you your future and how to achieve your goals. Furthermore, palm readings can help you discover your weaknesses and strengths while providing insight into overcoming obstacles blocking your success.

Love Readings

Love readings can help provide clarity on issues of the heart. It can be impossible to know if someone is your soulmate, particularly if you are just meeting them. Nevertheless, if your feelings are genuine and you aren’t simply passing the time, a love reading can help determine if your partner is your soulmate.

Psychic Readings

Online psychic readers can sense and see the energy around you. This enables them to know things about yourself that you might be unaware of. While it is possible to find incompetent online psychic readers on other sites, that isn’t the case with Purple Garden, as only the best are hired. 

The best online psychics can effectively translate visions, providing valuable advice.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are undoubtedly the most undervalued online psychic service. They provide massive accuracy and details concerning your life. Online psychics with this natural talent can glean a lot of information from the cards.

Tarot readings can also provide clients with the information required to transform their lives. This type of psychic reading is great for those with negative thoughts.

Get the BEST psychic readings on Purple Garden for FREE

General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find a Good Medium Psychic?

There are various ways you can find the best psychic reading platform psychic. They are:

Reading Reviews

It doesn’t matter how legitimate a psychic reading service says they are or how affordable their per-minute rates are; past customer reviews should evaluate all online psychic mediums. The best psychic readings websites display reviews and ranking for their phone psychics on their platform. This transparency makes it easier to locate the best online psychics while avoiding the low-rated ones.

Generally, you should only select the top-rated and most professional psychic readers and the most legit psychic reading services—particularly those with at least a 4-star rating or equivalence. Online psychic reading platforms with one or two stars must be avoided at all costs, even if their profile and experience seem good.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

The best online psychic reading platforms are those that are reputable. The platform should have a high degree of transparency and clear details on its site to be reputable. Prospective clients should be able to seamlessly find pertinent information, such as the platform’s online psychic screening process, refund policy, satisfaction guarantee, and rates. 

If you cannot find this information on a site, then you should be cautious about getting a reading from its online psychics. There are a plethora of real psychics online, so you never have to settle for one with a subpar reputation.

Price Shouldn’t Be the Only Deciding Factor

Psychic readings can sometimes be expensive; however, the rate you pay per minute for a session should not be the most important deciding factor. The simple fact is you can get cheap psychic reading services that are high quality and, sometimes, even more, accurate than expensive psychic reading services. It also helps that the online psychics that provide the most accurate psychic reading are typically inexpensive.

The price you pay for an online psychic reading will depend on many factors, including.

  • How accurate the readings are 
  • The demand for online psychic reading service 
  • The type of reading method they use 
  • Their experience 

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