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FRANCESCAS, France, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to the ReviewTopDating.com research, with the amount of dating websites growing day by day, the number of online scammers who want to take advantage of people’s loneliness increases proportionally.

How to avoid becoming their victim? Which methods do online scammers use today? ReviewTopDating team reveals 3 techniques online scammers use on dating websites.

1. The classical one: transferring money to help solve a problem 
The scammer asks for a favor and provides legit reasons: an unexpected illness, blocked bank account, or simply the wish to see the new acquaintance, who lives in another city. Apparently, the person doesn’t have money to pay for the ticket. Usually, it’s a small amount of money which doesn’t look suspicious. Moreover, the scammer promises to return it as soon as possible.

Take action: don’t share your bank account details or the picture of your bank card. Don’t share your security code or confirmation code from a text message. Stop the communication immediately and report the person to the support of the dating website, where you met them.

2. Digital blackmailing: threatening to post personal photos and chats 
When chatting online, a lot of people become too relaxed and share personal information: photos, plans, even secrets. But at some point, a new acquaintance might give you an ultimatum: either you send a certain amount of money to their bank account or you will see the chat screenshots posted on the Internet. This kind of threat is especially devastating for married men and women, as such revelations could destroy their lives.

Take action: don’t share your private information or intimate photos in the online chat. Block the blackmailer and report them to support of the dating website, where you met them.

3. Travel version: organizing a visit abroad
Many want to meet a foreigner to move abroad and change their lives. Date scammers take advantage of it. They engage in a conversation, chat, and then invite to visit them. They promise to pay for everything. However, the victim has to pay a certain amount of money: supposedly, because the payment should be in their name. After the payment has been made, the money disappears, as well as the scammer and hopes for a trip.

Take action: ask additional questions about the payment destination. Ask for an official document confirming the pending status of the payment. The best of all, however, is to simply stop communication.

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