Beware of new WhatsApp scam: Hoax calls from International numbers on the rise | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

In recent years, WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging app for many people around the world. However, along with its popularity, WhatsApp has also become a hub for spam and marketing messages. This was one of the reasons why millions of people switched from traditional SMS messaging to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the sophistication of scams on WhatsApp is evolving, and users are facing new challenges.

One of the most common scams on WhatsApp these days involves receiving calls from international numbers. These calls, both audio and video, often originate from countries like Malaysia, Kenya, and Vietnam, as indicated by the ISD codes given. The frequency of these calls is increasing, and many people are understandably concerned about how scammers obtained their phone numbers.

WhatsApp works through a VoIP network, which means that people can make calls from any country without incurring additional charges. This fact has made it easier for scammers to make international calls to unsuspecting users. While most people are flustered when they receive a call from a foreign number, they should not jump to conclusions about the caller’s intentions.

The agenda of these calls is unclear, but in many cases, scammers try to obtain confidential information that they can use to steal money from a user’s account. Therefore, users must remain vigilant and not reveal any personal information during such calls.

It is essential to note that just because you receive a call from an international number, it does not necessarily mean that the call’s origin is from that country. Nowadays, there are agencies that sell international numbers for WhatsApp calls even if they are in the same city as you. This fact highlights the need for users to exercise caution when receiving calls from unknown numbers, whether they are domestic or international.

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