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Christine Robinson, mother of three, is using Facebook to reduce the hassle of finding baby formula amid the national shortage.

TOLEDO, Ohio — With thousands of families across the country struggling to find the appropriate baby formula for their children, Christine Robinson could not sit back and watch mothers become desperate and anxious any longer. 

Instead she created her own solution.

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Robinson, a graduate of Bowling Green State University and mother of three from Doylestown Penn., developed a baby formula database through Facebook. The tool allows a person to broaden their search of formula by mobilizing “formula hunters” across the country.

Members of the Facebook group, Formula Hunters, fill out a form with their name, child’s formula brand and how soon they’ll run out. The information is pulled into a database and is prioritized by need and is viewable by the group, which has grown to more than 850 members since it launched in May.

For Robinson, the idea is simple in purpose, but impactful in meaning.

“Imagine you’re a mom and you need formula, so you’re calling stores, looking online and checking as many places as you can,” Robinson said. “It’s much more efficient to have hundreds of people in this group looking for your formula for you.”

The group is entirely donation-based to eliminate any possibility of price gouging or scams, and relies solely on the kind-hearted nature of strangers. Since the launch, more than 180 requests for formula have been fulfilled

Robinson is thrilled to see her idea become a real solution.

“It’s so helpful to know that we’re not in this alone and that we’re going to solve it together,” she said. “I love the community we’ve been able to cultivate,” Robinson said.

If you are in need of baby formula and would like the group’s help, visit the Formula Hunters Facebook page here.

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