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There are currently more than 1500 dating apps in the world. Some of them already use simple forms of artificial intelligence, and some of them develop an advanced, dating AI that is said to revolutionise modern matchmaking.

AI dating apps might make it possible sooner than later. The question remains about how much technology is too much, especially when you add emotions to the mix.

Can AI be the great facilitator of matchmaking in the modern world? Should you let algorithms choose your partner?

Are we in the process of entrusting our love life to artificial intelligence? And if yes, what could be the outcome?

New research from Tidio asked 1191 people about their online dating experience and the features that the perfect AI dating app would have. 

These are some of the most thought-provoking outcomes:

67% of singles would want to use AI to find a partner in real life, while 43% of married people would want the AI to help them create a perfect virtual partner.

Surprisingly enough, married people are the ones to admit using a dating app at least once a month (33%) or at least once a week (26%). It’s comparable to respondents who are in an open relationship/marriage (36% admit using the dating app once a month).

This is in line with research by GlobalWebIndex claiming that around 30% of Tinder users are married.

Although respondents said that they would never share financial information (49%), DNA (39%), mental health information (35%) with a AI dating app – 70% of them would change their mind in exchange for a promise to meet a perfect match.

1 in 3 respondents would let AI app scan their social media profiles and suggest people that they could get along with, while 93% of dating app users would reject AI’s suggestion to end the relationship, but 47% of them would treat it as a red flag.

13% of respondents would eagerly provide their DNA sample to help an AI app find their perfect match.

As many as 33% of Gen Z-ers claim to have never used an online dating app

Even though Gen Z is said to be the most technologically savvy generation, it looks like they are not the ones to trust apps with their love lives. As many as 33% of them admit to never having used an online dating app, and 29% claim to have used it up to 10 times in total.

On this front, they seem to be more in line with Gen X, out of which 31% claim to have used an app a few times, and 24% admit to using it semi-regularly, at least once a month. 

This might be connected with the fact that Gen Z, a generation that grew up in the reality of the 2008’s recession, is said to be more focused on personal development and prioritizing career over settling down.

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