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Cityline host Tracy Moore shared an inspirational video about body positivity and self-love. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Tracy Moore is opening up about social media and body confidence.

The Canadian television host took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a segment from “Cityline” that addressed negative comments about her weight.

Moore was joined by CityNews Toronto and “Breakfast Television” journalist Melanie Ng, who explained she has received multiple messages from people commenting on her “pregnant” belly.

“Not gonna lie, I love compliments on my lewks and makeup and hair. But if that has to come with critique about my waist size, belly and weight, I’ll pass. [Melanie Ng] had to go through the same tired, ignorant journey as the rest of us TV women and tell viewers that she is not in fact pregnant,” Moore captioned the video, which showed her and Ng discussing their experiences in the studio.

In the clip, Moore explained that she’s “basically been run off Twitter because of the comments about [her] weight.” She also added that she’s done with the body shaming she experiences on a daily basis, and encouraged followers to focus on someone’s personality versus how they look.

Moore’s post was met with support from fans and influencers who loved her inspiring message about body acceptance.

“This duo! This convo! Also, we can’t only ever love a woman’s belly if it’s pregnant or flat. We have a lot more going on than that, and it’s about time we get to live it. Adore you both,” wrote Canadian influencer The Birds Papaya.

“So empowering! Thank you for sharing this!” commented a fan.

“Truer words have never been spoken,” wrote another. “Preach sis!”

“So grateful for this conversation! I’m constantly stressed about my recent weight gain and this post is really inspiring and motivational for me to learn to love myself,” added another follower.

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