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Marie, 68, from Scotland, believed she was having a romance with the American ‘doctor’ sharing music with her on Facebook – as he convinced her to hand over huge sums of money

Photos sent to Marie were stolen from Dr David Samadi’s Facebook(DailyRecord/ WS)

‘Catfishers’ have scammed a pensioner into handing over £15,000 of her life savings by posing as fake doctor.

Marie, not her real name, lost thousands in the online scam after believing she had struck up a relationship with a doctor living in Ireland.

Police describe what the Scots 68-year-old went through as “romance fraud”

Marie has told of feeling ashamed and distraught at having been duped after been snared into a web of lies by a man on  Facebook.

He had pretended to be interested in old music videos on YouTube and struck up an online relationship with Marie – claiming to be an American living in Dublin, reports the Daily Record.

By the end of her four-month “romance”, she had lost £15,000 and was forced to admit the nightmare she was living through after the callous scammers threatened to kill her and her family.

Scammers used the real doctor’s photos to create a fake profile to woo Marie(DailyRecord/ WS)

It all began when Marie and a man who called himself “Dr Tony Brooks” began chatting about music.

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