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What did you miss?

Channel 5 viewers have been left confused by a documentary on romance scams as they all had the same question.

Romance Scams: Could It Happen To You? investigated the rise in people being conned online through dating sites and social media.

But viewers thought that all of the scamming victims had missed an obvious clue that something was amiss.

What, how, and why?

Wednesday night’s Channel 5 documentary posed the question Romance Scams: Could It Happen To You?, but many viewers thought the answer was a resounding “no”.

Those watching the programme all had the same question over how victims of romance scams featured in the show had not heard alarm bells ringing at what they thought was an obvious point.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 25: Austin Butler attends the

One woman was victim to a scammer posing as Austin Butler. (Getty Images)

Dating scams usually involve the victim being conned out of money, but viewers were shocked to hear that so many people on the programme had not realised what was going on as soon as they were asked for cash.

One viewer commented on X: “I realise these women think they’re in a relationship with a guy they’ve never met but surely the penny drops when they get asked for money?”

Someone else added: “I just don’t get it. Never met but you’re in love & you send money??”

The programme featured one woman who had been scammed into thinking she was talking to Hollywood star Austin Butler on Instagram. At one point, the scammer posing as the Elvis star asked her for money so that he could pay for a games console.

One viewer commented: “Ain’t no way she thought she was giving money to the real Austin Butler.. I’m actually miffed.”

What else did people think of Romance Scams?

The show’s viewers did have some of their own handy tips on how to ward off dating fraudsters.

One person recommended: “Right click search image with Google…simple.”

Someone else advised: “I would say just because they are verified by a blue tick that doesn’t mean they are the real person especially if they are on the app chat app Telegram.”

Another savvy viewer added: “Best thing to do ask the person to write you name on a piece of paper & take a photo.”

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