Columbus Community Counseling share warning of recent scam calls | #lovescams | #datingapps

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Scams are everywhere whether it be calls, texts, emails, or social media.

Members at Columbus Community Counseling are seeing more romance scams as of late.

Romance scams come from people who portray themselves as someone else online and lure people into giving them money or monetary items.

Scammers have been hitting folks that are more vulnerable than others, especially the elderly. So they want to make the community aware.

“They identify as American, but don’t live in America, so they may say something like they are a traveling physician or in the military, construction worker, oil rig worker, or something like that. Things are very vague with them but they ask a lot of questions about you when they do talk about themselves they may have some really sad tragic story with lots of death and lots of reasons to explain why they don’t have a lot of close family,” said Melissa Cooper, Community Counseling Therapist.

Cooper encourages people to block the accounts if and when someone begins asking for money

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