Consumer Advocate: Tinder swindling cryptocurrency | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

As cryptocurrency has become more popular and accessible, scammers are popping up all over popular apps. Cryptocurrency scam artists have begun using popular dating apps in the newest way to target unsuspecting victims.

This scam begins by “swiping right” on a potential love interest’s dating profile to show your interest. After starting up a conversation, the alleged mate quickly asks to take the conversation off the platform and to a texting app, such as WhatsApp or WeChat.

Once on the texting app, the scammer will mention they know someone who is a successful cryptocurrency investor with inside information that could make the victim rich. The new love interest encourages the victim to take advantage of the “exclusive opportunity.”

Once hooked, the fake date asks the victim to deposit money via a cryptocurrency trading platform. But after the deposit is made, the money is gone forever – and the new love interest blocks the victim on all platforms and stops replying to their messages.

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