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Cyber Forensic Specialist

Cyber Forensic Specialist

Cryptocurrency scams on Tinder have increased recently. There are various types of them. Here is some expert advice on how to avoid them.

crypto scammers on tinder use emotion and enthusiasm to obtain access to a profile user’s personal information like amount in crypto wallet, private keys to wallets, and other financial assets”

— Timothy Benson

SOFIA, BULGARIA, May 2, 2022 / — Social media channels have always been a treasured choice for hackers to target potential victims. In a new range of global scams, online fraudsters are now targeting Tinder app users and making them download fake cryptocurrency applications on their iPhones and Androids.

Cyber security researchers have noticed the specific modus operandi of how these fraudsters are targeting Tinder application users.

How do Tinder Crypto Scams Work?, a cyber forensics service dedicated to helping online crypto scam victims, unearthed that victims have been defrauded of millions in this scam.

Experts say that “now being given a new name, CryptoRom, these online scams may have fooled victims into transferring their digital assets like funds, private keys to digital wallets, etc. through third-party applications.

And sometimes, scammers (typically males) claim to be physically attracted to their targets and quickly share their contact information in exchange for the victims’ images. The scammers then use the collected information to commit more financial fraud.

In a recent Tinder scam, a US individual named Mike reported losing $277,000 worth of crypto funds to a scammer who claimed to be his lover.

A woman named Jenny from Malaysia contacted Mike on Tinder, telling him that she loved him. The scammer won Mike’s trust before stealing all his crypto funds.

Timothy Benson, who works for the bitcoin recovery company, closely analyzed this case and opines, “crypto scammers on Tinder use emotion and enthusiasm to obtain access to a profile user’s personal information like amount in crypto wallet, private keys to wallets, and other financial assets.”

The perpetrators then use the information to conduct their fraud. However, if users act more swiftly, they can avoid becoming victims of such disasters.

How to Avoid CryptoRom Scams on Tinder?

◉ Never share sensitive details with anyone online.

◉ Consult before investing in any scheme.

◉ Match profiles on Tinder to other platforms to confirm if the person is reliable.

◉ Make sure to identify when to withdraw from conversations that ask for crypto account information.

◉ Learning about prevalent scams:

Types of Crypto scams on Tinder

◉ Tinder verification scam: This scam involves a fraudster attempting to convince a Tinder user to verify their profile on the app. In most cases, scammers send a link in order to send Tinder verification but cunningly leads users to a third-party website. This sketchy site asks for personal information such as name, email, credit card number and birth dates. This information is then misused by scammers to register for cryptocurrency accounts. Users who fall for these scams report having difficulty canceling their registrations.

◉ Catfishing on Tinder: Many profile users complain of scammers creating a fake persona (Catfishing) to lure potential victims. These scammers can build elaborate stories around their scam to enter a serious relationship with the victim until they get hold of sensitive crypto-related information.

What to do if Targeted by Online Scammers?

◉ Take a look at the photos: Scammers rarely tend to leave their footprints on the social media platforms that they have been on. It is better to quickly collect their photos, any phone numbers or emails available before they erase their traces.

◉ Report the matter to concerned authorities: When the victims believe they have been targeted by online scammers, it is important to bring the issue to the attention of the concerned authorities, like local law enforcement, state police, cyber cells, or other financial institutions.

◉ Report the matter to Tinder: Victims should make sure to involve the concerned dating app (in this case, Tinder) about the case. Tinder has a section where users can report their concerns using Tinder’s support.

How to Report the Matter?

Any victim who wants to reclaim stolen crypto should first of all report the matter to authorities in the following manner:

◉ Visiting the official websites of the concerned authorities

◉ Taking complaints to the authorities in written form (along with the first incident report)

◉ Using toll-free numbers to register complaints

Victims who have lost a significant amount of cryptocurrency can also hire fund recovery services to recover their funds.

How can Crypto Recovery Services help?

When a victim realizes that the matter is out of their hands and they are desperately looking for a solution to “recover my bitcoins,” fund recovery services are bound to be a viable help point.

These services can provide necessary counseling that victims might need whether related to guidance required for further finance management or how to take the case in court etc.

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