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If you’re single, chances are you’ll have a fair amount of horror stories when it comes to dating apps, the most common way to date these days. Looking for love on these apps can be addictive — but it can also be very dangerous. There have been people scammed, sexually assaulted, and others who have had their life threatened after meeting people on these apps. When Jules moved to California, she says she decided to jump on a dating app figuring it would be the easiest way to meet people. However, she says one date, who appeared to be jealous, stole her keys and hid under her bed to spy on her. Holden says he went to his date’s father’s house to play video games but ended up waking up in a bathtub and barely making it out alive. Christine says after her divorce, she thought she met her Prince Charming on a dating app, but he ended up scamming her out of a lot of money. Kelly says she met a man at a bar for her first date, and before she could say bye, he grabbed her, threw her in his car, and sexually assaulted her. Expert Nancy Jo Sales says dating apps are becoming more dangerous. So how can you be careful when finding love? Why have so many become dependent on using dating apps? Dr. Phil uncovers the red flags when it comes to dating apps.

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