Dating App Scams Target Metro Cities In India: What Are They And How To Stay Safe #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

Dating app scams in Indian metro cities target victims by creating fake romantic relationships to steal money. Learn how to recognise, avoid, and protect yourself from these deceptive schemes.

Online scams are becoming a major problem, especially in big cities like Delhi and Hyderabad. These scams come in many forms, such as work-from-home schemes, stock market frauds, and WhatsApp cons, leaving victims both financially drained and emotionally stressed. Among these, one particularly deceptive scam is causing heartbreak and empty bank accounts: the romance scam. In this scam, con artists build a romantic relationship with their victims before deceitfully stealing their money.

What is the Dating App Scam?

Dating app scams or romance scams involve perpetrators who create fake identities on dating apps to lure victims into romantic relationships. These fraudsters play on emotions, pretending to seek genuine connections while ultimately aiming to steal money from their targets.

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