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Reports of Indian men falling victim to scams orchestrated by women they meet on online dating apps have been making headlines for a while. Adding to this concerning trend is the story of a man from Delhi who recently found himself trapped by a woman he connected with on Tinder, leading to a rather unpleasant encounter. Little did he suspect that he was about to become a victim of a scam, as the woman took him to a dubious cafe and had him foot the bill for subpar drinks and food, totaling around 15,000 rupees.

This unfortunate incident came to light through a viral Reddit post under the ‘Delhi’ subreddit, where the man vented his frustration. He shared, “Yesterday a girl wanted to meet in “Rajouri Garden”. I reached, then she sent another location 1km away and called me to meet at a place called ‘cafe studio’. The place looked shady, I told her, ‘Let’s go to someplace that has a good maps rating.'”

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However, driven by his desperation to break a two-year dry spell in his dating life, the man reluctantly agreed after the woman insisted. He explained, “There was one another couple sitting there which added a bit of authenticity to my already messed-up sense of judgment.”

What followed was a breakdown of their orders, including an expensive hookah priced at 5,000 rupees and five shots of vodka at 800 rupees each. Summing it up, he commented, “I barely felt I had anything.” Yet, he was presented with a bill for these items, along with additional charges for fries and services, totaling 15,500 rupees, later reduced to 14,000 rupees. At this point, he acknowledged, “By now, I understood what it was and could only blame my own pathetic desperation, as all logic was screaming at me earlier. I smiled at the waiter, respectfully admitted my defeat, and didn’t make a scene.”


It was during this episode that he overheard a man at another table complaining about the bill. They soon realised they had both fallen prey to a scam.

But the story didn’t end there. The man had another match the following day, but this time he took precautions by checking the menu of the suggested venue in advance. He shared, “Saw the same prices. Told the girl, this place is a fraud, and let’s go somewhere else. She got scared like sh** and went to the washroom. Then she came out, pretended to get a call from her Dad, and had to leave urgently.”

The Reddit post quickly gained attention as people reacted to it. One user offered advice, saying, “Always hv first date on restaurant that too with good ratings on google and hv your say in choosing place that will max cost 5-6k(if going for too good).” Another remarked, “This has to be the most pathetic post I’ve seen on here.”

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    But one might wonder, Why would a woman suggest such a shady place for a first-time meeting? Perhaps she had a secret arrangement with these dubious restaurants, or maybe she simply sought to enjoy a lavish outing at someone else’s expense. While the motivations behind such actions remain a topic of debate, posts like these serve as a stark reminder to stay vigilant and informed about what’s happening around. Don’t you think?

    first published: September 04, 2023, 16:29 IST

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