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By now, the art of brushing your teeth should be perfected as it’s done every day.

But it turns out that many of us are still making errors when polishing our gnashers, with one being confused for a step in the cleaning process. According to one cosmetic dentist, wetting your toothbrush before adding toothpaste is a big no-no and may impact your teeth health.

Dr Sahil Patel, founder of Marylbone Smile Clinic explained that toothpaste is already wet enough and adding extra moisture may make it less effective. The professional explained another dental hygiene mistake and you may be guilty of it too, reports the Mirror.

“If you wet the toothbrush before you put the toothpaste on, you’re diluting it,” said Dr Patel. “Toothpaste already has the right amount of moisture. If it’s wet, it makes it foam up faster and makes you spit it out sooner.”

He went on to say that he recommends starting your clean from the back of your teeth. “I’d recommend starting at the back first, which is often the hardest part to clean,” he said.

“If you start at the front and do the back last, you’re more likely to stop and put it down, missing the back or not cleaning the back properly.”

The dentist also recommends brushing from back to front(Image: Getty Images)
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And if you were thinking of stocking up on dental floss, the pro urges you to think again and opt for interdental brushes instead.

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