Discord is Going To Give Out Warnings Instead of Permanent Bans | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

Discord is overhauling the way it moderates its platform with a new warning system and teen safety assist feature. From a report: The new Discord warning system has been totally revamped to be far more transparent, educating Discord users how they’ve broken rules and are restricted from parts of the service rather than permanently banning them. “The new system gives users more room to learn from their mistakes and correct misjudgments,” explains Savannah Badalich, Discord’s senior director of policy, in a briefing with The Verge. “We’re moving away from permanent bans to one-year temporary bans for many violations, except for violations that are extremely harmful.”

In the coming weeks, Discord will start to limit features for rule breakers, instead of banning them outright. If a Discord user violates the rules, then they’ll be met with a DM from Discord letting them know about the warning or violation and what action Discord is taking. So, if a Discord user uploads an image that breaks the rules, they might temporarily take away the ability to post images.

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