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I’ve been hearing this question a lot, even though I’m from St. Petersburg. But I’m not surprised. To many people, I’m the closest source of information they have.

Let’s jump right into the answer, shall we? I mean, if you looked at that title and decided to read on, you want answers now.

Do Ukraine women scam foreign men?


Have certain Ukraine women scammed foreign men?

Yes. There have been instances and individuals caught doing so.

By now, you must be impatient for me to get right to the point, like I said I would.

But that’s the thing–there’s never just one side to a story. The answer, unsurprisingly, is not a simple yes or no.

It’s time for us to run a reality check on this controversy.

Oftentimes, these stories involve men sending money to their partners, only to learn that these women were using them for financial gain.

In this digital era, scams sadly exist in all countries and Ukraine isn’t an exception.

But not only have Ukrainian women been singled out as scammers, they’re painted out to be materialistic. So even if they’re not out to scam anyone, many believe they’re likely to be in a relationship only for material gain.

What makes it “Ukrainian”?

This is often a cultural misunderstanding. Ukrainian women are generally nurturing and appreciative of generosity. Many times, this has been misinterpreted as scamming tactics by foreigners unfamiliar with their norms.

But it turns out their girlfriends just like receiving gifts. Try giving them something small and inexpensive, and you’ll see they’re just as appreciative as ever.

There are also reports of foreign men falling for fake Ukrainian women. Usually, these men have nothing else to go on with their online relationship but photos of their stunning Ukrainian girlfriends. They find out later, after repeatedly asking for video calls, that the women were never real.

This is not a scam unique to Ukraine. By now, asking to meet via video call is basic online-relationship protocol. Why? Because scammers who lure you in with fake identities and pretty photos are everywhere, not just Ukraine.

What makes it “Ukrainian”?

The war.

You need to be more careful with Ukrainian women, not because “Ukrainian” means fake, but because scammers (nationality need not apply) have taken advantage of the war. There are reports of them pretending that they can’t go on a video call because they’re in bomb shelters.

Many other scams attributed to Ukrainians are common tactics of scammers everywhere.

Your sweetheart suddenly has a string of bad luck and needs financial aid? Does she need funds so she can travel to you? Is she unable to travel anyway, despite you having sent money so she can process her requirements?

Or how about her amazingly romantic nature that makes her want to marry you even though you’ve known each other for only about a month?

Sound familiar? They should. International online daters, regardless of the countries and nationalities involved, are warned against them.

So if your only defense against romance scams is to avoid Ukrainian women, then you’re still leaving yourself vulnerable to scammers everywhere else.

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