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In the internet age, the way we date and connect with others constantly evolves. One standout in this digital dating revolution is, previously known as Seeking Arrangement. It’s not your everyday dating site.

Here, people seek relationships with clear expectations from the get-go, where both parties benefit in ways that matter to them. It’s a refreshing, if not somewhat controversial, approach. Some are big fans of the clarity it offers, while others scratch their heads, unsure of its appeal.

However, there’s no arguing its growing popularity and the buzz it’s generating. Curious about this new wave of dating? Eager to learn why it’s catching on and who’s getting involved? Our article looks deep, offering insights and stories from the world of Stick around, and we’ll uncover all the nitty-gritty details of this unique approach to online connections.

Brand Overview:, previously recognized as Seeking Arrangement, has etched a distinctive mark in the vast domain of online dating.

Unlike traditional platforms, is tailored for individuals seeking relationships grounded in mutual benefits, blending the lines of conventional romance and predefined arrangements. Instead of leaving things to ambiguity, the platform allows its members to be upfront about their expectations, whether they’re financial, emotional, or a blend of both. Since its inception, has garnered both accolades and criticisms. Admirers praise its transparency and the empowerment it offers members to voice their desires openly.

Meanwhile, skeptics argue about its impact on traditional relationship values. Regardless of where one stands on the spectrum of opinion, the platform’s influence is undeniable. It boasts millions of users worldwide, indicative of a sizable demographic resonating with its ethos. As the digital age redefines the parameters of connection and intimacy, stands as a testament to the diverse tapestry of modern relationships. It remains a focal point in contemporary love and arrangements discussions, whether viewed as revolutionary or controversial.

Pros & Cons Of Seeking Arrangement


Transparency: The platform emphasizes relationships with clearly defined expectations from the outset, promoting honesty and clarity.

Large User Base: With millions of members worldwide, users have a broad pool of potential matches, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible arrangement.

Profile Verification: The site offers a verification system, which can help ensure authenticity and reduce the number of fake profiles.

Safety Measures: provides safety guidelines and recommendations for members, such as tips for first meetings and maintaining communication within the platform until trust is built.

Diverse Membership: The site caters to various needs and desires, offering arrangements beyond financial ones, such as mentorship or companionship.

Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface, advanced search filters, and real-time messaging.

Global Reach: Given the platform’s wide reach, users can find local and international matches.


Ethical Concerns: The concept of mutually beneficial relationships has drawn criticism, with some believing it commodifies relationships or mirrors escort services.

Membership Costs: While there’s a free version, many essential features require a premium membership, which can be costly for some.

Potential for Exploitation: The nature of the arrangements can sometimes lead to imbalances, where one party might feel exploited or pressured.

Misunderstandings: Despite the emphasis on transparency, misunderstandings can arise if expectations need to be communicated clearly or change over time.

Stigma: Members might face judgment or misconceptions from those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the concept of ‘sugar’ relationships.

Safety Risks: Even with the platform’s safety guidelines, the nature of meeting strangers for potentially intimate relationships carries inherent risks.

How Does Seeking Work?, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, operates on a unique model in the world of online dating. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

Sign-Up and Profile Creation:

  • Users begin by signing up on the platform, providing basic details like email, password, and some personal information.
  • During registration, one must specify their role: ‘Sugar Daddy/Mommy’ (individuals, often affluent, seeking companionship) or ‘Sugar Baby’ (typically younger individuals seeking financial support, mentorship, or other forms of assistance).

Profile Customization:

  • Users can further personalize their profiles by adding photos, specifying their interests, and outlining what they’re looking for in an arrangement.
  • Financial expectations or allowances can also be mentioned, as this is a fundamental aspect of many arrangements on the platform.

Profile Verification:

  • For added security and authenticity, encourages users to go through a verification process. This helps in reducing fake profiles and scams.

Searching for Matches:

  • The platform provides advanced search filters allowing users to find matches based on specific criteria like location, interests, expectations, etc.


  • Once potential matches are found, users can initiate communication through the platform’s messaging system.
  • It’s encouraged to discuss expectations and terms of the arrangement upfront to ensure clarity and avoid misunderstandings.


  • If both parties agree, they can move forward with their arrangement. This can vary widely: from mentorships, companionships, to financial support, among other forms of mutual benefits.

Safety Measures:

  • The platform recommends that initial meetings happen in public places.
  • Users are also encouraged to keep communication within the platform until a trust level is established.

Membership Tiers:

  • While basic features are free, premium features require a subscription.
  • Premium benefits might include appearing higher in search results, advanced search filters, and more.

Feedback and Reporting:

  • Users can report suspicious activity or problematic members. This helps the platform maintain a safer environment for genuine users.

At its core, facilitates relationships where expectations are set from the beginning. Both parties understand and agree to the terms, promoting transparency and mutual benefits.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for (previously Seeking Arrangement) is designed to create a profile that reflects a user’s interests and what they are looking for in a potential arrangement.

Website Access:

  • Visit the official website.
  • On the homepage, you’ll notice the “Join Free” button. Click on it to initiate the sign-up process.

Gender and Interest:

  • Choose your gender from the options provided, which typically include male, female, and more.
  • Next, indicate the gender(s) of the individuals you’re interested in meeting, ensuring flexibility in preferences.

Email and Password:

  • Provide a valid email address. Consider using an email specifically for dating platforms to maintain privacy.
  • Create a strong password to secure your account. This should ideally be a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Personal Information:

  • Age: Enter your birth date.
  • Location: Specify your current city and country. This helps in providing match suggestions closer to your locality.
  • Relationship Expectation: Elaborate on what you’re seeking in an arrangement. Are you looking for companionship, mentorship, financial assistance, or something else?

Profile Photo:

  • Upload a clear, recent profile picture. This is essential as profiles with photos generally receive more attention. Ensure that your face is visible and avoid overly edited or filtered photos.

Browsing and Interactions:

  • After completing your profile, you’re now free to browse other member profiles.
  • As you explore, you can send messages to members who pique your interest. Note: The number of messages and interaction depth might be limited for free members.

Membership Tiers:

  • Free Membership: Allows profile creation, browsing, and sending a limited number of messages.
  • Premium Membership: Grants access to all platform features, including sending unlimited messages, viewing profiles that might be hidden from free members, and appearing higher in search results.
  • Diamond Membership: This is a notch above Premium. Apart from having all the benefits of the Premium tier, Diamond members can monitor who viewed their profiles and benefit from a dedicated customer support team, ensuring a seamless experience.

Membership Cost:

  • Costs vary based on the membership tier and the subscription duration of seeking arrangement. As of the last update, a one-month Premium membership might cost around $99.99. Opting for longer durations, like three months, can offer discounts, dropping the per-month cost.

Remember, as with any online platform, always prioritize your safety. Avoid sharing excessively personal details upfront, and always meet in public places during initial encounters.

How Much Does Seeking Cost? offers three levels of membership: Free, Premium, and Diamond.

Free membership: Free members can create a profile, browse other members, and send limited messages.

Premium membership: Premium members have access to all features, including the ability to send unlimited messages, view hidden profiles, and get priority in search results. The cost of a Premium membership varies depending on the time you sign up for. For example, a one-month Premium membership costs $99.99, while a three-month membership costs $79.99 monthly.

Diamond membership: Diamond members get all of the features of a Premium membership, plus they can see who has viewed their profile and get a dedicated customer support team. The cost of a Diamond membership is $249.99 per month.

In addition to the monthly membership fees, also charges a one-time verification fee of $50. This fee is required for all members, regardless of their membership level.

It is important to note that is not a dating site. It is a sugar dating website, which means it is designed for people looking for mutually beneficial relationships. This means that sugar babies (younger, attractive women) can find sugar daddies (older, successful men) willing to provide financial support in exchange for companionship and intimacy.

What Happens After You Start “Seeking?”

After you start “seeking” on (previously Seeking Arrangement), a series of events and interactions unfold, largely driven by the platform’s unique mutual benefit model. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what typically happens:

Profile Visibility: Once your profile is set up and active, it becomes visible to other members. Depending on your membership level, you might appear in search results more or less frequently.

Receiving Messages and Offers: As a new member, especially for Sugar Babies, you might receive a flurry of initial messages and offers from interested individuals. It’s a common occurrence as newer profiles often get highlighted.

Filtering Interests: As messages come in, you’ll need to filter through them, determining who aligns with your interests and preferences. You can also proactively search for profiles that catch your eye.

Initial Conversations: Engage in conversations to gauge compatibility, mutual interests, and set clear expectations. It’s crucial, given the platform’s nature, to clarify terms early on, be it financial assistance, mentorship, companionship, or other types of arrangements.

Safety Measures: While messaging, remember to maintain your privacy. Avoid sharing personal details like your exact address, financial information, or other sensitive data.

Planning the First Meet-Up: If both parties feel comfortable and see potential in an arrangement, they might decide to meet in person. The first meet-up should ideally be in a public place for safety reasons.

Negotiating Terms: This is a distinguishing feature of Both parties openly discuss and negotiate the terms of their relationship. This might involve setting boundaries, discussing financial aspects, and defining the nature and frequency of meet-ups.

Beginning the Arrangement: If both parties agree to the terms, they can start their mutually beneficial relationship. The specifics of each arrangement can vary widely, from casual meet-ups to travel companionship, mentorship, or more traditional dating scenarios.

Re-evaluation: Either party might want to revisit and re-evaluate the terms over time. Open communication is key here to ensure both parties continue to benefit and feel satisfied with the arrangement.

Continuation or Termination: As with any relationship, things might progress smoothly, or challenges might arise. Depending on their experiences, members might choose to continue the arrangement, start seeking a new one, or take a break from the platform.

Remember, while provides a platform to connect individuals, the success and nature of any relationship are deeply personal and depend on mutual respect, understanding, and communication between the parties involved.

What Are The Uses Of, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, is a niche dating platform that facilitates relationships often characterized by their mutual benefit nature. Here are some of the primary uses and purposes of the platform:

Mutually Beneficial Relationships: The core premise of is to connect individuals looking for relationships that offer some form of mutual benefit. This might encompass financial assistance, mentorship, companionship, and more.

Financial Support: Some users, often referred to as Sugar Babies, seek financial support for various reasons – from covering college tuition to enjoying a more luxurious lifestyle. In return, they offer companionship, mentorship, or other forms of relationship-based benefits.

Companionship: There are individuals, typically referred to as Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommies, who might be looking for companionship without the constraints or expectations of traditional relationships. They’re often successful people who value their time and are clear about what they’re looking for.

Mentorship: Some Sugar Babies look for mentorship in their relationships. They might connect with successful people in their desired field who can offer career guidance, business advice, networking opportunities, and more.

Networking: Given the affluent and successful demographic of many users on, the platform can also be a place for networking and creating professional connections.

Adventure and Travel: Some members use the platform to find travel companions. Affluent members might seek someone to accompany them on vacations or business trips.

No Strings Attached (NSA) Relationships: Some members are looking for relationships without the commitments or expectations that traditional relationships might entail.

Casual Dating: While the platform emphasizes arrangements, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of more casual dating scenarios or even long-term relationships developing.

Privacy in Dating: Given its premium nature and the demographic it caters to, offers enhanced privacy features. This can be appealing to high-profile individuals or those looking for discreet relationships.

Experience Luxury: Sugar Babies might join the platform to experience a more luxurious lifestyle, be it through high-end dates, gifts, or travel. or Seeking Arrangement Review – It’s Not a Scam!

With the digital age ushering in many dating sites and apps, it’s not surprising that many people approach new platforms with a healthy dose of skepticism. One such platform that often finds itself under scrutiny is, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement. Let’s break down this platform, debunk some myths, and provide an honest review.

1. Background:

Founded by Brandon Wade in 2006, has positioned itself as a platform where successful and wealthy individuals can connect with attractive people interested in a relationship defined by clear terms and expectations.

2. Unique Proposition:

Unlike traditional dating sites, emphasizes “mutually beneficial arrangements”. This could range from mentorship, companionship, financial support, and more. While it’s easy to misconstrue the premise, many users genuinely seek non-traditional relationships without the ambiguity that often accompanies traditional dating.

3. User Base:

With millions of users globally, the platform boasts a diverse range of members, from students seeking tuition support to successful entrepreneurs looking for companionship.

4. Verification System:

One strong point in its favor is the profile verification system, which adds an authenticity layer. Users can choose to verify their photos and income, making it easier to weed out potential fake profiles.

5. Safety Measures: encourages safe online dating practices, like keeping initial communications on the platform, meeting in public places, and conducting background checks if deemed necessary.

6. Membership Options:

While there’s a free membership option, the platform offers premium tiers that grant more visibility and interaction capabilities.

7. Controversies:

It’s worth noting that, like any platform, isn’t without its controversies. The nature of its relationships has led to debates on the morality and ethics behind such arrangements. However, for many, it provides an honest space where intentions are clear from the outset.

So, is a scam? Based on its longevity, substantial user base, and multiple testimonials, it’s clear the platform delivers on its promise for many. As with any online interaction, users should approach with caution, conduct their research, and ensure that any relationship or arrangement they enter aligns with their personal values and boundaries.

FAQs on Seeking Arrangement

Q. What is, previously known as Seeking Arrangement, is an online dating platform that connects individuals looking for mutually beneficial relationships, often characterized by financial assistance, mentorship, and companionship.

Q. Is safe to use?

While offers several safety features, including profile verification, it’s essential for users to exercise caution, keep personal details private, and meet in public places for initial interactions.

Q. How does the site differ from other dating platforms? emphasizes “arrangements” or relationships with clear expectations, often involving financial benefits, mentorship, or companionship, which sets it apart from traditional dating platforms.

Q. Can I join for free?

Yes, offers a free membership tier that allows users to create profiles and access some platform features, though premium features require a subscription.

Q. What is a Sugar Daddy/Mommy and Sugar Baby?

A Sugar Daddy/Mommy is typically a successful individual who offers financial support, mentorship, or gifts. A Sugar Baby is someone who, in return, provides companionship or other relationship-based benefits.

Q. How does the platform ensure authenticity? has a profile verification system. Users can opt to verify their photos and income, which can help establish their profile’s authenticity.

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Conclusion: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Find The Gems On Seeking!, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, has revolutionized the digital dating landscape by introducing the concept of mutually beneficial relationships. Unlike traditional platforms, it caters to individuals seeking clarity in expectations, be it financial support, mentorship, or companionship.

Over the years, the platform has garnered millions of users worldwide, attesting to its appeal and efficacy. While it’s not without controversies due to its unique premise, the emphasis on transparent arrangements and safety features, like profile verification, speaks volumes about its commitment to user well-being.

For those navigating the intricate world of modern relationships, stands out as a platform where honesty is the cornerstone, providing a space for clear intentions and genuine connections.

















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