don’t fall for Cryptocurrency scams in Metro Detroit | #datingscams | #lovescams

SHELBY TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – In the past, scammers cheated people by having them wire money, mail money or buy gift cards, but now police in Macomb County say cryptocurrency is the new preferred method of investment scams.

Shelby Township detectives said in a post to Facebook that they are currently investigating multiple reports of fraud through cryptocurrency and hope to warn other residents who may fall victim to professional fraudsters.

“These scammers are constantly evolving and adapting and target individuals worldwide causing billions of dollars in loss each year in the U.S. alone,” the department said in the press release.

Detectives said scammers are targeting residents through online dating sites, phishing or email scams and cold calls. Police advise against sending money in any form to people you don’t know and warn that investment opportunities from strangers are usually too good to be true.

“Now easier, faster, and less traceable, the shift is to cheat you out of money through Crypto, which once it leaves your wallet, is gone,” authorities said.

Con-artists are getting better at fooling people across the world, going to great lengths to create realistic looking banking and cryptocurrency sites and hosts to persuade victims into sending money. officials warned.

“If someone you have never met in person tries to get you to invest in Crypto-currency, JUST DON’T!” the department said.

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