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While romance scams are becoming a more well-known tactic of con artists, recent reports to BBB Scam Tracker indicate a rise in a new type of romance scam. 

Typically, a romance scam consists of a con artist tricking an unsuspecting victim into falling in love and then, conveniently, requiring a substantial amount of money because of a “life crisis.” The love-stricken victim offers to help financially, with some getting scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars. 

Here is how the scam works. An unsuspecting individual looking to find their significant other discovers a dating service that appears legitimate. The site requests the individual fill out a profile, including personal information such as location, age, name and other miscellaneous details that seem standard for a dating profile. A membership fee is required to use the dating service, so the individual inputs their credit card number to pay for the membership. 

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