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February month brings a rise in romance scammers, as there could be more people online looking for love and simple human connection. Criminals and fraudsters are ready to exploit people at any point in the year, but the ‘month of love’ makes some types of scams more likely to hook their victims.

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Could you accidentally fall prey to a romance scammer or so-called catfish?

Here’s what you should know about February’s most common scams, and how to protect yourself.

February month brings rise in romance scammers

More than 100 people lost big in romance scams, says a press release from the South African Police Service (SAPS). An estimated $100 million went to romance scams, quoting from information posted by the FBI.

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February month brings a notorious rise in these types of crimes.

More people are looking for online connections, and scammers take advantage of this pattern to snare victims.

If an online connection spikes near the month of love, think twice, and don’t send cash!

February: the month of love and SAPS

The month of love could also be the month of heightened scam activity.

More people are willing to love in February, but also more willing to spend on love when asked. This could mean that you’re walking into a scam – especially if you’ve never met them before.

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The South African Police Service advises treating connections with a grain of salt. Think twice before trusting, believing, or ‘just going with’ what someone says.

Safety tips for online dating

Online dating?

Make sure that safety comes first.

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Never meet up with someone alone; decline requests for money from someone you don’t know. Verify all information that someone tells you online, and don’t trust someone just because you love them.

Don’t make the month of love something special for a scammer!


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