European investment scammers allegedly laundered their money through Scotland | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

German prosecutors named the investment platforms involved in the alleged scam as Trade Capital, Fibonetix, Nobel Trade, Forbslab and Huludox.

“The OCG [organised crime group] asked victims to make an initial payment of EUR 250 to 300 to invest in financial instruments such as binary options, cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies,” said Eurojust. “Following these payments, investors were approached via fake call centres or Messenger services, often speaking German to gain more trust.

“By pretending they had made considerable initial profits and showing false online simulations, customers were lured into making bigger investments.

”Subsequently, significant amounts of money were lost, with funds transferred into various bank accounts and via credit card payments.

“In reality, no investments took place. Via a complex money laundering network covering many European countries, the investments were transferred to participants in the fraud scheme. The companies at the end of this chain were under the control of the OCG members, withdrawing the funds for themselves.

“Last year, the operation concerned complaints of over a thousand German speaking investors.”

Prosecutors suspect there are many more victims of the alleged fraud with some of those who handed over money thinking they lost funds in a risky investment, not a scam.

Eurojust did not cite Remini Consulting. Its name emerged in documents filed by Ukrainian prosecutors.

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