EXPOSED! How late Major Bugiri’s daughter Isabella turned into a Con-Woman, Scams Ugandans,hides behind church, vanishes with property | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

We have received numerous complaints from different Ugandans accusing Isabella Bugiri of scamming them and later vanishing with their highly prized property including clothes, phones and others. Isabella is a top Kampala/ Mbarara slayer and a daughter of the late Nathan Bugiri who hails from Biharwe Rwenjuru Kategyeto in Mbarara City.

Different Victims of Isabella’s top scamming tactics revealed to us that she goes around feigning a picture of a rich man’s daughter to persuade them to trust her with any debt up to an extent of borrowing personal clothing from business people around Mbarara and Kampala.

It has been alleged that a few months ago, she stormed 5 different shops selling and hiring clothes in Kampala and Mbarara, borrowed very expensive party dresses each worth shs1m and she has never been seen ever since.
The victims from 5 different shops within Kampala have since been trying to reach her and figure out where she’s hiding but all have been in Vain.

Late last year, one Victim decided to take it a step higher to reach her other close family member to find to recover the clothes or money. The victim was shocked by the way even some family members addressed their daughter Isabella. The family members blamed the victim for trusting Isabella. That as a family, they have failed to tame Isabella. They have received numerous allegations of theft of clothes from different people. The victim was informed that she wasn’t the first person to be played.

To explain more about Isabella, We carried a secret investigation about her. A few people and friends close to her revealed to us one thing and the other. Most of them carry an allegation against Isabella. Some other people describe her as a go-getter who loves luxurious things. They also allege that their love for money makes her go out of place to borrow and never pay or return whatever she borrows.

According to our source, Isabella loves the church, however. We have established that Isabella prays from Epikaizo Ministries based in Bugolobi. People from this church we talked to describe her as a girl with a mischievous face but prayerful.

Who is Isabella

According to our research, Isabella is an S5 dropped out. She left after her health deteriorated while in school. It is alleged that Isabella would get numerous heart attacks while at school but when taken home, she would be a fine girl. There were allegations of witchcraft.

On a light note, Isabella is a girl who has never appeared in public or on social media with broke-looking men. She hangs out with the big boys. She lives for the gram and is always on social media looking sultry. She is also a ‘small girl with a big god.

She loves to wear really hot and sexy expensive designer clothes. On social media she lives large.


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