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My mind was blown this morning when I discovered that a fake imposter account has been created in my likeness. While I realize this happens all the time, the shocking part was to learn that this particular scheme has been going on since before the pandemic.

In fact, the fake “Michael Rock Show” page has been sharing the personal pictures I’ve shared on my authentic page since 2018. Five years. How has this been going on for five years?!?!

You can help get rid of the fake Michael Rock by reporting the page.

Maddie, my morning show co-host, wondered if there was some sort of software or website that could convert the pictures the culprits downloaded from my real page to give the appearance that they were posted back when I actually posted them. In other words, the fake page mirrored my personal page down to the dates.

Either way, it was disturbing to see photos from my wedding and daughter’s graduation as I scrolled. That was creepy.

It was also upsetting when we realized that the people behind this fake account are trying to trick Fun 107 fans into willingly giving up their credit card information. The fake “Michael Rock Show” account started commenting on Fun 107’s Facebook page yesterday claiming that some of the commenters had won $1,000 cash.

Here’s the kicker: To claim the money they’d have to provide their credit card number.

Please know that Fun 107 will never ask for your credit card information tied to any of our contesting.

It’s kind of incredible to think about how easy it is to create a fake profile on Facebook and other social media. It’s as simple as downloading pictures and stealing the captions.

Boom. Instant fake profile.

It’s unclear whether the fake account was created by someone locally, but I’d like to think it wasn’t.

Here are some of the pictures that the fake “Michael Rock Show” account posted while posing as me.

Be careful out there.

This Fake Michael Rock Facebook Account Is Disturbing

Fun 107 morning host Michael Rock was shocked to find someone was not only pretending to be him on Facebook but that they’d apparently gone through the trouble of copying all of his information, including photos, to make the page seem authentic. The real Michael Rock and Fun 107 in general will never ask you for your credit card information when you win a prize. Don’t fall for scams.

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