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And another attempted ATM theft took place last night Sunday, January 15 in Texarkana.

This time TXKToday is reporting of an attempted ATM theft at the Roadrunner on Richmond Road. The would-be thieves were able to pull the store’s front off but they still left empty-handed. These people don’t realize just how complex this type of theft can be.

Last week the FBI issued a warning to Texarkana residents. Over the past few years, ATM thefts have increased in our area. These thieves are using stolen vehicles to try to get into these ATMs.

Last Monday, January 9 there were two attempts that took place at two different banks in Texarkana. One on Stateline Avenue and the other at a bank on Texas Boulevard.

Photo by Jake Allen on Unsplash

Photo by Jake Allen on Unsplash

Connor Hagan with the FBI told KSLA News;

“Over 90% of the trucks that were stolen and believed to be used in these ATM thefts were stolen in Miller County, Arkansas and Bowie County, Texas. Especially if you are in southwest Arkansas, this is the FBI putting you on notice lock your truck, take the keys out of your truck, make your vehicle a hard target to steal.”

Photo by Jake Allen on Unsplash

Photo by Jake Allen on Unsplash

TTPD went on to say that so far any arrests that have taken place associated with these crimes aren’t even from our area they are from the Houston area.

Please remember to keep your vehicle doors locked and don’t leave the keys in the vehicle.

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