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Online dating may have been the but of many a joke in every late 90s and early 2000s sitcom with the onset of the Internet. When tech moved away from large desktops and dial-up connections to smartphones, dating apps became the new norm. This new norm however has presented several problems, some unique to dating apps, others impacting the tech industry as a whole. A new app, Flirtini, looks to address these issues and give users a more holistic experience.

Irritating too outright Dangerous

According to recent research, 45% of online daters leave apps more frustrated than hopeful. Other statistics uncovered by the research are evening more disheartening, bordering harmful. 57% of women under the age of 35 said they had received either sexually explicit images or messages they had not asked for. This is possibly the main reason that women were more likely to agree with the sentiment that dating apps were never a safe place to meet someone.

Dating apps have also been used to further scams that look to extort money from victims. Further, the sensitive information stored by app companies is a treasure trove of data for hackers clamoring to access. If the company’s data security policies and cybersecurity are not up to standard, that data can easily find its way onto the Internet and be used in a variety of fraud and cybercrime operations.

A Better Option

A new addition to the dating app market, Flirtini, looks to solve many of the problems that have plagued its competitors. The app was designed with a strong focus on privacy, allowing users several options on what information is showed to prospective matches. The strong focus on privacy seems to have embedded itself throughout the app and the company itself. The app is seemingly built on four pillars, safety, privacy, no fakes, and respect.

Profiles require users to verify themselves, to cut down on fake accounts that are more often than not malicious. The pillar of safety is seen in how the company treats personal data with a focus on keeping it secure. The pillar of respect is one sorely lacking with how dating apps, and apps in general, treat their users. Rather than being human beings, many companies treat their users as veritable data mines. This may be convenient in the short term, as data miners are not given the respect due if they were treated like humans with rights.

This open season on treating people as merely data entry machines is coming to end with privacy now being one of the key sea changes in discussions surrounding the Internet. Flirtini will most likely be on the right side of history with its privacy-first approach. However, the app has far more to offer than allowing users to use the app, safely and securely. A lot of effort has gone into allowing users to better meet like-minded individuals with an easy-to-use interface and a feature set to make its competitors blush.


While this article focuses on some of the issues dating apps encounter, there are a lot of positives. Flirtini goes a long way in removing many of the problems leaving only the positives. In many respects, the app presents people with a better option when looking to find love.

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