From ‘war against Ukraine’ to ‘war in Ukraine’, Delhi declaration softens language on Ukraine conflict | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

While Ukraine wasn’t entirely satisfied with the declaration, it did thank the countries that supported it and tried to include stronger language in the document.

Incidentally, despite the sanctions in place against Russia, the G7 countries and the European Union (EU) also seem to have softened their language compared to what they said in the Bali Declaration.

Acknowledging the geopolitical issues, the Delhi Declaration stated, ‘While the G20 is not the platform to resolve geopolitical and security issues, we acknowledge that these issues can have significant consequences for the global economy.’

Along the same lines, the Indian sherpa Amitabh Kant commented that ”G20 is a forum for discussing issues of growth and development” and the only reason the Ukraine conflict was discussed in Bali last year was because ”it was felt that war and conflict impacted economy and growth”.

That leaves us open to the question of why that same argument is suddenly irrelevant this year, of course, particularly in the context of Russia’s recent withdrawal of support to Ukraine via the Black Sea Grain Initiative as well as its targeting of granaries and warehouses in Ukraine.

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