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Clientèle’s funeral plan campaign is the advertising “hero” pick of the week for Orchids and Onions columnist Brendan Seery.

Orchids and Onions columnist Brendan Seery (BizCommunity) shares the week’s advertising “heroes” and “zeros” on The Money Show.

Every week The Money Show highlights the week’s advertising “heroes” and “zeros”.

This week, Clientèle Limited’s campaign for funeral cover is the hero pick for Brendan Seery, Orchids and Onions columnist at Bizcommunity.

Screengrab from Clientèle Limited – Funeral campaign

The TV ad depicts happy family scenes where one loved one is gradually faded out of the picture.

“What happens to those you leave behind?” the insurer asks.

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It may be heart-wrenching advertising, but it makes his skin crawl, comments Bruce Whitfield.

However, it is “incredibly successful” he concedes.

While he is also not the target market says Seery, Clientèle does understand its market very well and the ad works.

It’s not my sort of product but certainly there are tens of thousands of people who would be interested in it…
and it’s done tastefully. It makes the point that every bereavement leaves a hole in the family or for the friends
that are left behind.

Brendan Seery, Orchids and Onions columnist – Bizcommunity

Funerals are a big thing in this country… and people often can’t afford to say goodbye properly. This is what Clientèle
Funeral is offering – an insurance policy that gives them a bit of peace of mind, and a little bit of money to say the goodbyes they want to say, with dignity.

Brendan Seery, Orchids and Onions columnist – Bizcommunity

While social media reflects that some people are getting tired of seeing long-time brand ambassadors Lillian Dube and Desmond Dube (not related) on their screens, Seery feels they do their job very well.

“They come across as sincere, and the one thing you can’t fake is sincerity.”

He also highlights the “call to action” in the ad.

It makes the point graphically and well. I think what they also do very well is through the course of the ad there’s a very strong call to action as well, with the whatsapp number you can contact to do some follow-up.

Brendan Seery, Orchids and Onions columnist – Bizcommunity

Watch the Clientèle ad below:

Scroll up to listen to Seery’s advertising critiques (Clientèle discussion at 1:58)

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