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Published June 7, 2023

The FBI is working to raise awareness about online romance scams. In this type of fraud, scammers take advantage of people looking for romantic partners on dating websites by obtaining access to their financial or personal identifying information. Thousands of people become victims of love related scam. No one initially anticipates a scam and they continue to look for love.

Based on a true story in “Goldbrick”, all that glitters at first does not amount to gold! Lia Roth’s last click on her dating site leads her to begin a conversation with Joel Marshall who warms up to her by text and telephone chat. Disillusioned with dating suitors Lia continues conversation with Joel but takes his pursuit with a grain of salt.

Lia travels and enjoys her pastimes while they are chatting but after a couple months suddenly Joel disappears. Lia checks up on him only to find out that his disappearance has him in a hospital in North Cyprus undergoing a pneumothorax lung operation. He informs Lia that he came to North Cyprus to release his contract of several oil tankers given to him by Socar Oil Co. The unfortunate demise begins as he lands, he collapsed and is taken to the British Near East Hospital in North Cyprus.

As their relationship continues and strengthens Lia becomes entangled in Joel’s need for friendship, love and money. Joel’s business partner Queen Elizabeth Enahoro, who is in love with Joel, is unknown to Lia, and their tribulations and triumphs are directed solely by Joel himself.

Several turn of events between Joel and his business partner Queen Elizabeth Enahoro leave Joel without funds, support, taxes and bills to pay. Left alone, unfunded and scammed himself, Joel is forced to wheel Lia into his business and make her the primary responsible caretaker of his monetary needs. Not knowing anything about the mayhem relationship between Joel and Queen Elizabeth Enahoro, Lia accepts that she will be the one who will help Joel pay his hospital bill and escape his present situation.

While the relationship between Lia and Joel strengthens in excitement and love, Lia contacts his friend Donald Wood and together begin the journey of finding the money that Joel will need to pay up for his late demurrage, taxes and to escape from the clutches of the Queen. Elizabeth Enahoro.

However, Joel finds out that his business partner Queen Elizabeth Enahoro has created an impossible situation for him and Joel decides to escape the island by boat to the next safe port.

Excited and relieved both Lia and Joel look forward to meeting each other and being finally united.  But Queen Elizabeth Enahoro has other surprises for them both.

Book Name: Goldbrick
Author Name: Nima Gold
ISBN Number: 978-1916622357
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