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The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner has been turning the heads of senior women looking for love. The Golden Bachelor aims to spark discussions about age and represent underrepresented daters. The network filming ended in August. The producers have not yet announced any plans for a second season. A fake Facebook Group pretended to accept applications for a follow-up. Bachelornation.com takes submissions for free year-round.

“The Golden bachelor” (With A Lowercase “b”)

A Facebook Group was established in July. Now turned into a way for scammers to trick fans into sharing their personal information and money. A group called The Golden bachelor claims to help fans find their perfect match. They offer the chance to be a special guest on the show or correspond with Gerry Turner. To participate in the second season, go to a Facebook fan page. Then, send direct messages to moderators pretending to be ABC media relations officers. This is a fraudulent scheme that requires members to pay $3500 and disclose personal information, which the group administrators then misuse. However, The Facebook group administrators would not comment to IndyStar about the solicitations.

Senior Fans Express Concerns About the Group

Many women, mostly aspiring for a spot on The Golden Bachelor show, look to meet Turner or become a lead on a spinoff. Sunni Almond, a 67-year-old retired hair stylist, was a member of a Facebook group that catered to Texas singles over the age of 60. While browsing, she found a fake group promoting The Golden Bachelor. This caught Almond’s attention and prompted her to take action. Sunni Almond reports to IndyStar:

“I’ve done plenty of things and been involved in plenty of stuff and nobody legitimate asks you for money, I wouldn’t send them 10 cents. They’re preying on seniors.I  do well for myself. And I’m single, and it’s impossible to meet anybody at my age”

Another fan, Bosart, then stated she was unaware of the legitimate process to apply before the posting but knew not to pay for anything:

“Administrator’s request for up to $3,500 upfront was a big red flag”

Be cautious of online transactions and potential scams. Safety should always be your top priority. Bosart posted:

“Beware of the golden bachelor application group – and any group that ask you for money to apply… bachelor nation is not going to ask you for money. Just don’t give anybody your money”

Romance scams cost older adults almost $139 million in 2020. Individuals between the ages of 60 and 79 lost approximately $129 million. Gerry Turner, aka The Golden Bachelor, is sparking a conversation about senior singles.

Is Gerry Turner your reason to date as a senior? Have you ever been a victim of a romance scam? How would it make you feel if it happened to you?? Do you think ABC will continue to withhold its thoughts on the scams? Will the seniors receive a full refund for the funds they lost? Sound off in the comments! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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