Greenwich Police Warn Residents About Gift Card Scams | #datingscams | #lovescams

The Greenwich Police Department is reminding residents that gift cards are for gifts, not forms of payment.

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GREENWICH, CT — The Greenwich Police Department is warning residents about gift card scams.

“Gift cards are for gifts — not to pay a government agency, a family member in trouble, ransom, to keep your utilities on, or anything else,” police said. “Report gift card scams to the police or Federal Trade Commission.


According to the FTC, gift card scams start with a call, text, email, or social media message.

Scammers say they’re from the government and that a fine or taxes need to be paid, and they’ll request gift cards. Some will say they’re from Microsoft or Apple tech support and need gift cards as payment to fix a computer issue.

Some scammers will also say you’ve won a prize, but in order to claim it, payment in the form of a gift card is needed.

Dating apps or websites are also places where scammers will ask for gift cards., the FTC said.

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