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If you are looking to find love this year, here’s how dating apps are tailoring their services to meet your romantic needs.

Lester Kiewit spoke to Naz Consulting International CEO, Nazareen Ebrahim.

It’s a new year and Artificial Intelligence, much like people, is finding new ways to re-invent itself.

Due to an increase in online usage, dating apps have grown significantly over the years, says Ebrahim.

Phenomena native to the online dating world such as ghosting has prompted online dating company Match Group – which owns Tinder, Hinge and OKCupid – to introduce tips on how to avoid being scammed online.

Ebrahim says these apps are using behavioural sciences to help individuals seek out meaningful connections.

Computer program ChatGDP – which offers to write dating bios is just one example of this.

They match location, interests, education levels and other factors to connect the dots to answer the question “what makes a human being work?”

The focus seems to have shifted on what do we do to use data to save our users considering the increase in undesirable behaviours that could potentially lead to people either making the wrong choices, getting hurt or being lead down the wrong road.

Nazareen Ebrahim, Naz Consulting International CEO

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While on the flip side, some individuals target people pm these app due to their vulnerable nature and unregulated territory. Match Group has also launched a dating scam awareness campaign to help users steer clear from dodgy characters.

The app tracks certain behaviours through AI engines and observes patterns online to help individuals guard themselves from potentially dangerous interactions.

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