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Online job scams are rampant these days with many falling into the trap of fraudulent part-time jobs that require one to like and subscribe to YouTube videos.

Apparently, when one such scammer messaged Udita Pal, the co-founder of a startup in Bengaluru, she sarcastically dealt with it and shared the screenshot of the messages. Netizens were quick to respond and shared screenshots of similar messages they received recently.

Sharing the screenshots, Pal wrote, “I’m going to hell for this.” The alleged scammer introduced himself as Devikar, a recruiter from Tarus Captial Company Limited in Mumbai. He asked her to watch a YouTube video of the company for 10 seconds, like and subscribe to the channel.

Making a Rs 150 offer, the person said, “You don’t have to pay any fee, you just have to spend a few minutes on your mobile phone and you will get one hundred and fifty!” and added they will make payment through UPI, bank or Paytm.

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Agreeing to follow the instructions, Pal asked which link to like and the person assigned her three tasks which upon completion would fetch her Rs 150. The first task required her to watch their video for 10 seconds, like and subscribe to the YouTube channel and share screenshots.

Hilariously, Pal shared a screenshot but it was a video titled, “Caught some i*** trying to scam.” Pal asked him to pay her 50% of the money and proceed with the tasks. When the person reiterated to her to finish three tasks, Pal gave him another offer. “Okay another counteroffer for you…We both know you won’t pay that money and you are trying to scam…you are like the 15th person..why don’t you just apply in my company for cold sales..share your LinkedIn with me.” However, the last messages were not being delivered and Pal asked him if he blocked her.

Several users commented saying that they have been receiving similar messages and some shared screenshots. A user commented, “Although I haven’t gotten any dm yet, I’ve been getting called from US-based numbers on WhatsApp too….idk what happened.” Another user wrote, “Happened with me as well. When I called it as a scam he started giving me life lessons.” A third user commented, “Haha for me they asked me to subscribe YouTube channel they sent a link of starsports but told her that I have already subscribed.”

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First published on: 06-05-2023 at 12:38 IST

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