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Joe Han

A postal worker in Scotland saved a vulnerable senior by foiling an attempted scam at the last minute—just before she mailed the swindler over $3000.

The scammers contacted her and claimed to be from her bank, saying there was “unusual activity on her account”. They told her she should withdraw all her savings and send it to an address so they could “deposit it into a new account”.

When the elderly woman came into the Paisley Post Office four days ago, manager Najma Mohammad noticed she was “visibly shook”.

They detailed the incident on their Facebook page, saying: “As the customer was known to us, we thought that it was out of character and asked what was in the package.”

The customer hesitated but told her it was money, worth three thousand, that she’d withdrawn from her bank.

Ms. Mohammad immediately told her it was likely to be a scam—and she should contact her bank to verify the information.

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All the while, the scammers kept calling her back. This time however, “Najma answered and they hung up.”

The bank confirmed that no such call of this type had or ever would be made regarding withdrawal of money.

The post office stressed that it’s important to let our elderly loved ones know about the variety of scams that are being perpetrated, so they don’t fall prey.

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