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If the series finale of Sanditon has you yearning for another period drama and you can’t wait for Miss Scarlet and The Duke‘s Season 4 return in January, check out Hotel Portofino. Season 2 premieres on PBS in October and gives viewers a chance to enjoy the last bits of summer before we head into sweater weather and Christmas fare.

What is Hotel Portofino about?

When does Hotel Portofino Season 2 premiere?

Where did the first season of Hotel Portofino leave off?

What will happen in Season 2 of Hotel Portofino?

Meet the Hotel Portofino cast

Natascha McElhone (Bella Ainsworth)

Mark Umbers (Cecil Ainsworth)

Anna Chancellor (Lady Latchmere)

Assad Zaman (Anish ‘Nish’ Sengupta)

Claude Scott-Mitchell (Rose Drummond-Ward)

Oliver Dench (Lucian Ainsworth)

Olivia Morris (Alice Mays-Smith)

Louisa Binder (Constance March)

Lily Frazer (Claudine Pascal)

Giorgio Marchesi (Marco)

Daniele Pecci (Count Carlo Albani)

Pasquale Esposito (Signor Danioni)

Elizabeth Carling, Louis Healy (Betty and Billy Scanlon)

Lucy Akhurst (Julia Drummond-Ward)

How many episodes of Hotel Portofino are there?

Episode 201 – “Returns”

Episode 202 – “Alliances”

Episode 203 – “Comings Together”

Episode 204 – “Contortions”

Episode 205 – “Subterfuges”

Episode 206 – “Farewells”

How many seasons of Hotel Portofino are there?

Where did Hotel Portofino film?

Where can I watch Hotel Portofino?

Is there a trailer for Hotel Portofino?

‘Hotel Portofino’ – Season 2 Trailer (Exclusive) (2:33)

Will there be a season 3 of Hotel Portofino?

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