How Six Foreigners Duped Indian Women on Dating Apps | #lovescams | #datingapps

Cyber security expert Rakshit Tandon told The Quint that online dating apps have become a popular medium for fraudsters over the last few years. 

He added that a simple Google search of “romance gift scams” will lead one to a plethora of reports on such crimes.

Women are not the only victims of financial scams on dating apps. Mohit (name changed), a resident of Navi Mumbai, said that he carefully observes the obvious ‘red flags’ in potential matches on apps such as Hinge, Tinder and Bumble. 

“I met this woman on Hinge. She told me she worked for an international bank in Delhi. She was 34 years old and told me she didn’t mind dating younger men. In just about a week, it seemed that I knew everything about her — from her past relationships to her friends, family, work, and much more,” Mohit told The Quint

Two weeks after Mohit met the person on a dating app, she told him that she was coming to Mumbai for a business trip. 

“I was quite excited. On the day of her flight, however, she frantically called to say that she had missed her flight and will now have to book the ticket herself,” said Mohit.

Sounds fine so far, right?

Next, Mohit recalled, she asked him to book her a ticket.

“She said that her internet was patchy and she had left her cards at home. Basically, she wanted me to pay for the ticket, and I agreed because it was a small amount of Rs 5,000. Soon, I received a QR code to make the payment and when I clicked on it, it asked for a payment of Rs 50,000 instead of Rs 5,000. Thankfully, my account didn’t have that much money and the payment was rejected,” he recalled. 

Thinking that it was a genuine mistake, Mohit called the woman to tell her about the lapse. She, however, didn’t receive his call. “I tried calling her multiple times but she had blocked my number. Before I could figure out what had happened and take any screenshots, all her social media profiles were gone,” he said.

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