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Some YouTube channels simply don’t deserve your attention. If you dislike a YouTube channel, here’s how to block it so you don’t see it again.

There are some YouTube channels that you don’t ever want to see. Perhaps they produce low-quality, clickbait content, or the creator’s views don’t align with yours. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t let channels that you don’t want to see populate your YouTube feed.

We’re going to show you how to block YouTube channels on any device.


How to Block a YouTube Channel

Strictly speaking, as a viewer, you can’t “block” a YouTube channel in the common internet sense of the word. You can simply stop it appearing in your recommendations and on your feed. However, this doesn’t stop you from seeing the channel elsewhere, like in search results or on external sites.

When you block a YouTube channel, it’s applied at an account level to improve your YouTube recommendations. This means you can block a channel on your desktop, for example, and it will be blocked on your mobile automatically.

No-one else will know that you’ve blocked a channel. This includes the channel owner—they receive no notification, nor does it display anywhere on your channel (if you have one) or in their statistics.

To block a YouTube channel, follow the instructions below. These apply to both desktop and the YouTube mobile app.

  1. On the YouTube homepage, find a video from a channel that you want to block.
  2. If you’re on desktop, hover over the video. You don’t need to do this on mobile.
  3. Select the three vertical dots.
  4. Select Don’t recommend channel.
  5. If you made a mistake, select Undo.

How to Unblock a YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, unless you select Undo immediately after blocking a channel, you can’t individually unblock. It’s all or nothing. You also can’t see a list of channels you’ve blocked.

As such, to completely unblock all channels:

  1. Navigate to your Google My Activity page.
  2. On the left menu, click Other Google activity.
  3. Beneath YouTube ‘Not interested’ feedback, click Delete.
  4. Click Delete again to confirm.

Keep Your Focus on YouTube Channels You Enjoy

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm gets a lot right, but it also gets it wrong too. Sometimes you can watch one video from a channel and you’re plastered with endless recommendations for it. But what if you didn’t like it? Cut the noise out, block the channel, and improve your YouTube experience tenfold.

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