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Hundreds gathered in San Francisco’s City Hall Monday, adding their voices to those condemning Russia’s new wave of missile attacks across Ukraine.

“The Russian attack will not achieve its objective,” said Dmytro Kushneruk, consul general of Ukraine in San Francisco. “We will repair all damaged and destroyed objects and continue fighting against the invaders.”

Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured after Russian missiles rocked cities across the country including the capitol Kiev, where the first attacks in months killed civilians and shattered a relative sense of safety. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the bombings are in response to what he calls a “terrorist attack” over the weekend — a truck bombing that significantly damaged a bridge that links Russia to Crimea.  

Stanford professor and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said, “The Ukrainian army is attacking military targets to try to win a war against Russian armed forces — Putin is attacking civilians to terrorize Ukrainians.”

President Joe Biden promised to stand with Ukraine as long as it takes and a speaker at Monday night’s protest pled with Biden to designate Russia a state sponsor of terror.

“It’s war crimes happening before our eyes and the world is watching,” said the speaker. “There’s a lot of talk and indignation but this has been going on for seven months.”

Others at the rally asked for help from fellow Americans.

“I want them to write to Congress, to the Senate, and ask them to pass additional sanctions on Russia so Russia stops its terrorist attacks on Ukrainian civilians,” said Nick Bilogorskiy of NOVA Ukraine

After speaking to President Biden about the need for more air defense, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to address an emergency meeting of the G7 nations Tuesday.

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