Husky’s Over-the-Top Disapproval of Treat She Was Given Deserves an Oscar | #lovescams | #military | #datingscams

What a drama queen!

We thought dogs liked just about every food possible. They’re always at our sides as we eat and they’ll never turn down a treat. They don’t even have to look at the treat to know they want it. But apparently, that’s not all dogs.

This Husky, known on TikTok asĀ @meekathehusky, is going against everything we thought we knew about dogs. She was given a treat, but clearly it wasn’t living up to her flavor palate. Her over-the-top reaction truly deserves on Oscar. Check it out!

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LMAO! This is the first time we’ve ever seen a dog say no to a treat. Meeka better be thankful for what she’s given because before she knows it, they won’t buy her any treats!

“She is so extra and I’m all here for it,” commented @xx_eren_jaeger_xx. As our we! She’s an independent dog who knows what she wants. Can’t fault her for that! @brandyhagler5 added, “Meeka is like, ‘I don’t think so. You both can eat it.’ She’s adorable.” She’s not touching that thing if there isn’t peanut butter on it. LOL!

@daviddicola wrote, “Omg the drama queen. Love it!” That’s why she deserves an Oscar – she’s a natural-born drama queen! “Meeka definitely knows what she likes!” said @ruthsumney. Just like any other drama queen! Now get this good girl a treat with peanut butter immediately!

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