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X-Repo came to the rescue of a man that decided to sell his car to a man he has never met on Facebook at a price. This man was to continue paying the instalments on the car that was still owned by the bank.

The man that was given the car on the basis of rent to own only paid R18 000 out of the R91 000 he was meant to pay for the car. The owner of the car ended up having to pay R7 300 because he had defaulted on having to pay the bank the instalments which meant the car was now in arrears.

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After realising that the man had most probably scammed him when he stopped paying for the tracker, the man decided to pursue legal action but he was not successful.

Relaying his story, the man says because he was now temporarily disabled, he could no longer afford to pay for his car, so he saw it best to list the car on Facebook and sell it.

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“The money that I was receiving was not enough so I couldn’t pay for the car…With the little that I get from the disability, I have to pay for my children’s needs”

An unsuspecting man approached him and made his intentions known regarding the car. He says they had been communicating for a while so he thought he could trust the man.

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“He came with someone that was driving a car that showed me that they own a dealership…they came in a car that was owned by their dealership because the number of the dealership was printed on the car,” he explained.

The car has not been paid for ten months.

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When Xolani Maphanga, the host of X-Repo set out on his mission to find the scammer, he was met with yet another problem. The guy had sold the car to an unsuspecting lady for R58 000 and he was nowhere to be found.

Mind-boggled, the lady told the crew that she was just on the phone with the guy who helped her to buy the car.

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“We met in Cresta with the guy…I tried to contact the owner of the car…I looked them up on Facebook and sent them a message (she ended up buying the car on Facebook)…only to discover that the papers were fake. It was hand-written where the licence plate is supposed to be. I went to Nedbank and they told me that the car had been paid off, it is not reported as a stolen car as well so I tried to get hold of him but I could not get hold of him,” she said.

The lady also told them that she paid R58 000 to the guy. The guy known only as Hendricks does not answer calls. The lady said she calls him every morning but his phone rings unanswered.

“We tried to do cash transfer with Hendricks but he would always give us wrong details and then we ended up having to pay him cash and nothing was written down,” she said.

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