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Recent updates from NASA and other space bodies on the existence of UFOs have failed to scratch the itch of this reporter, who took matters into his own hands with something of an ET pilgrimage.

To find out more, I headed off to the UK’s very own ” UFO hotspot”, Leicester. The birthplace of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman and living legend David Attenborough plays host to plenty of out-of-this-world sightings.

Strapping myself into a rocket (a Mini with the roof barely attached) and heading down to the launchpad (McDonald’s drive-thru, followed by a long trip on the A15), I hoped a trip to the National Space Centre would reveal all on aliens, including their forehead sizes.

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Bizarrely enough, a recreation of a living room from 1969 – fitted with tributes to 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy – was featured next to the interior designs of a space shuttle. Heading away from the interior décor crimes of my grandparents’ generation, some far more interesting sightings were found.

An alien head, boxed-up and behind glass for your viewing pleasure(Image: Lauren Ostler)

Leicester-born Attenborough was tipped at the time as the best person to nominate for a meet and greet with the first visitors to our planet. A flannel shirt-wearing journalist who moaned over the lack of coffee on the drive down is, presumably, second place.

Thankfully the only alien encounter of the day was one who could not chat back. The recreated head – which seemed a tad smaller than first expected but featured a forehead residents of Hull will be familiar – with was fitted in nicely alongside other monuments to man’s mission of escaping planet Earth.

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