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If You’re Not Paying Attention To The Orcs On Solana, You’re Missing Out

If there is one industry that has been skyrocketing in terms of usage and mainstream acceptance lately, it’s that of P2E gaming. This kind of gaming, also referred to as Play To Earn, is the kind of gaming experience which enables players to earn additional income by completing specific quests, tasks, and interacting with the game’s respective community. Keeping that in mind, The Orcs is a digital card game that follows the same aforementioned principles.

What is The Orcs anyway?

It is rather understandable that before one can be comfortable enough to play a game, he or she needs to know as much as possible about it. This is especially applicable to the crypto and blockchain industry, where scams and all sorts of other fraudulent activities are commonplace. As such, The Orcs is a card game that users can enjoy by picking a specific character which would also have a special ability unique to them. Moreover, the game is based on Solana’s blockchain, one of the most successful blockchains in the history of this sector.

Also, the $ORCS token will act as the game’s primary currency, allowing players to successfully sell, earn, and play as well as trade a wide range of goods within the game. ‘THE ORCS,’ on the other side, are a collection of 8,888 hand-drawn Orcs with over 600 unique features that live on the blockchain. Each piece of artwork is one-of-a-kind and extremely detailed. The artwork would also have a resemblance to the artist, who is enthralled by fantasy-oriented concepts and ideas. Every Orc also provides users a range of benefits and awards. Other intriguing advancements and features are also planned for eventual release.

What makes this project so special?

There are many P2E games in this sector, with the more popular ones being the likes of (AXS) and The Sandbox (SAND). Nevertheless, The Orcs offers plenty of innovative features. For starters, the team will create a variety of interactions with The Orcs NFT. They will also evolve over time in order to continually deliver usefulness and value to holders even as the industry naturally changes over time. In terms of future goals, the team will continue to establish a strong brand along with a supportive community, which is the backbone of any successful project.

With the Genesis Orcs collection, users will also have complete access to the game as well as many other advantages. This collection will also be the first to be minted. Owners of the collection will lastly receive a variety of benefits and it is possible to earn ORCS tokens everyday via staking Genesis Orcs too. There is even a dating app for anyone looking for love, complete with a Lady Orc and a Baby Orc. The Orc’s appearance may also be eventually changed, or it could be dispatched on an expedition into OrcLand in quest of a mystery mutation.

Final thoughts about The Orcs?

As previously mentioned, there are many similar initiatives in this industry. However, this has not stopped countless players from across the world from enjoying The Orcs and all it has to offer. There is a good reason for this too, as after all the game has a well-balanced game economy, community-oriented awards, a robust P2E system, is very user-friendly, and is built on the renowned Unity engine (the same engine used for popular games like Fortnite and Call of Duty).

This is a project that has been worked upon since October of last year, when the crew decided to build something bigger than the normal PFP Project usually found on Solana. After around 6 months of trial, error, and determination on specifics and the game’s Pre-Alpha version, The Orcs looks ready to take Solana by storm.

To assist the community expand even further, the team intends to give all holders access to the OrcDAO along with the DAO Dashboard. Part of the secondary market royalties will be placed in the DAO Treasury Wallet, which will be managed by DAO members. As a result, one of the primary objectives would be to become more involved with Web 3.0 in a lucrative and productive manner. Finally, the ‘Growth Elixir’ technique will transform Baby Orc into a GEN2 Orc as the ultimate step of evolution. Orcs from GEN2 may be turned into 3D counterparts and sent to the metaverse.

Simply put, if you’re a follower of this game, you’ve got a lot to be excited about going forward. For more information and regular updates, visit the official website, Discord, Twitter (NYSE:), YouTube, and Medium channels.

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