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When I would visit my uncles in southern Indiana when I was growing up, they would love to catch lightning bugs and do something that still to this day makes me cringe.

After he would gather up a hand full of fireflies, my uncle would smear them up and down his arms and legs so he would glow in the dark. Not the way a firefly wants to go out.

Here’s another interesting way a firefly ended its life that was caught on video.

Midwestern Frog Has a Dinner With a Lightshow

Someone caught the moment right after a frog had a snack that turned the little guy into a caution light.

Apparently, this toad swallowed a firefly, or possibly more than one, then attached himself to a glass door where a video was captured of what someone on Facebook called “heartburn.”

The video shared by ABC7 in Chicago was titled “Ever wonder what happens when a frog eats a firefly? 

Social Media Reacts to Firefly in Frog’s Belly

“That’s crazy if it’s for real!!😂” commented Cheryl Scott, when she saw the unusual moment of the lightning bug blinking inside the belly of a frog.

Here are some of the other fun posts there were shared on Facebook about the firefly in the frog:

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