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Indian Students Held At Delhi Airport After Being Deported From The U.S.

At least 16 students were deported from the Atlanta airport in one day after arriving from Delhi on a Delta codeshare flight. They all had valid F1 visas to study at St. Louis University.

In a statement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement they “did not seem to know” the name of the university they were enrolled in. They were put on Delta’s codeshare flight back to Delhi, but held at the airport there because U.S. immigration had failed to give the students their deportation papers.

According to one of the students, she had “valid documents with her including her I-20, and university admission papers” however U.S. immigration officers found he had “visa interview preparation questions stored on” her phone.

[T]he officials grilled her about the visa questions on her phone; asked her how much she had paid for visa coaching; what the visa interview officer’s name was.

“How was I supposed to remember what the visa interview officer’s name was?” Priti said.

The officials soon informed her that she would be subject to deportation. She was given the choice of contacting the Indian Embassy; however, she was cautioned that if she were found to be lying, she could be thrown into jail.

Students asked to contact their parents but were denied because they weren’t minors. Then they asked to speak to the Indian embassy, so the embassy could contact their parents, but they were informed that the local embassy had already “closed for the day.” Then eight hours later she was on a plane back.

U.S. immigration is bureaucratic and arbitrary. Current listed wait times can exceed two years even for transit in some locations. Yet we should be allowing more people to come here and stay here.

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