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INDONESIA – Indonesia’s singing talent continues to shine on the global stage as Cakra Khan, the 31-year-old singer known for his hit songs “Harus Terpisah,” “Kekasih Bayangan,” and “Seluruh Cinta,” wowed the judges and audience during his audition on America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent is a widely acclaimed reality television show that has taken the entertainment world since its debut in 2006.

It offers a unique platform for performers of all ages and backgrounds to showcase their skills in a wide range of categories, including singing, dancing, magic, comedy, acrobatics, and more.

AGT is not the first audition program that he had ever joined. Before his debut, he joined local audition, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

On Tuesday (18 Jul), Cakra Khan wowed the judges and audience as he showed his amazing and unique voice in America’s Got Talent auditions.

Stepping onto the AGT stage, Cakra Khan, with nerves of steel, chose Make It Rain as audition song, but it was stopped by Simon Cowell.

“I think you have a great voice, but I didn’t like the track though. Did you bring another song with you?” ask Cowell.

Cakra Khan, who grew up listening to the legendary Bob Marley’s song with his late father, made a bold choice and chose No Woman No Cry to be sung.


His unique, raspy, and sexy voice resonated through the hall, earning him a standing ovation from the impressed audience.

Heidi Klum, one of the judges, says, “I mean you have a very unique, very sexy, very raspy voice. Wow! You do have a voice that really stands out that you will not forget. It’s very very special.”

While Cowell described it as rare and artistically captivating.

With his stunning performance, Cakra Khan has gained four yes from all of the judges. It’s a ticket to take him to the next round. 

Through his Instagram, Cakra Khan express his heartfelt gratitude for the support that people gave for him.

Thousands of fans flooded his post with comments, demonstrating the immense pride and love from the Indonesian public. Even fellow musicians and artists couldn’t contain their excitement.

Cakra Khan’s AGT audition Instagram post (

“I’m so proud of you.” comment itsrossa910, a veteran singer in Indonesia.

“You are crazy! This song is about mother. No woman, (please) no cry. When Bob Marley saw her mother cry. I’m so proud of you, Cak!” comment fellow musicians, ohmyjons.

A lot of praise and support also comes from Indonesia’s netizens on his Instagram post.

“Proud of you, bro. International class!” said user @ve*********o

“Man, you sing legendary song with your extraordinary voice character.” said user @0l****9

“I have goosebumps while watching it. Impressive.” said user @bo*****_c***g

This is not the first time Indonesia joined the AGT audition. As Cakra Khan advances to the next round of America’s Got Talent, he joins the ranks of Putri Ariani, who previously impressed the judges and earned the golden ticket.

Together, these talented Indonesian singers are proudly representing their country on the global stage, leaving an indelible mark on America’s Got Talent and showcasing the richness of Indonesia’s music scene to the world.

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