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Over the years big companies have made big bank from the Black Friday sale day. As soon as November hits, customers are bombarded with deals and specials that they waste no time buying. Some investigations have found though, that these sales are not really sales.

Other researchers and consumers however insist that people can secure some nice deals this time of the year.

Behind the Black Friday hype: Is it really worth it?

Black Friday has become one of the most anticipated sale periods over the years. In fact, many people hold out on shopping so that they can be the first to get the best deals.

Here in South Africa companies like Game and Makro have earned themselves a reputation for having the ultimate Black Friday extravaganzas with sales on big appliances like TVs and fridges.

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Some research however suggests that many Black Friday sales are not really sales at all. The Motley Fool reports that these sales are just a way to “lure” customers into their stores.

“The goal of a typical Black Friday retailer is to attract customers by offering a few key products at a so-called discount. Then, once those ‘deals’ run out, the retailers have still got you in their hooks because you’re already in their stores or on their sites, at which point you’re more likely to buy something else — even if it’s not specific Black Friday sales,” reads a quote from their article.

What do locals think

Many South Africans seemingly agree with this and have shared their thoughts about it online:

“Black Friday in South Africa is the biggest form of clownery,” reads a tweet by @jethrohevirgo.

While @Jatin92 said:

“South Africa’s Black Friday specials are awful. They’ll get you all excited for potential mega deals and then give you R125 off an R11 000 TV set.

Other people beg to differ

While many have said that it is a complete sham, others are convinced there are amazing deals to be discovered.

One local man, Sage Gordon, shares that he got a 15GB data and unlimited airtime deal from a local network provider at only R500 a month.

Another woman, Deslin Chalklen, shares how she was able to purchase an R5600 Peruvian wig for only R3200 at a local wig store.

This proves that some companies actually do offer some amazing deals. The key is to shop smart and also to do your research says the consumers who scored big during these sales.

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