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Currently, a video of PM Modi is circulating on social media. In this video he can be heard saying, “Even most educated nations during elections, read names in ballot paper and cast their votes, even in America.”

With Karnataka elections at the door, social media users are sharing this video saying that PM Modi once was against EVMs but now to win elections he wants to continue using the machine. 

However, Fact Crescendo found the video to be out of context. In the original video PM Modi is not speaking about removing EVMs and starting using ballot paper. 

What’s The Claim? 

Sharing the video, social media users are claiming that PM Modi once wanted to stop the use of EVMs during elections and start using ballot papers. 

A user wrote, “If you used to protest so much, then why don’t you remove EVM now?”

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Fact Check- 

A keyword search on Google led us to a video uploaded on Narendra Modi’s official YouTube Channel on 3 December 2016. In this video, Modi was addressing a crowd in New Moradabad during Parivartan Rally. In this 1 hour long video, the same viral clip can be seen after 36.17 minutes with proper context. 

Modi can be heard talking about the benefits of digitalization. He was saying, “Your mobile phone is your wallet. Even if your money is in your bank, then also you can spend your money using mobile phones. All the arrangements are available. Now you don’t need to go to an ATM and withdraw money. People are saying that ours is a poor country and citizens are illiterate and don’t know anything. But brothers and sisters, even educated countries of this world during elections cast their votes after reading names written on ballot papers, even in the US. But this is India whom they address as poor and illiterate, knows to cast vote by pressing buttons.”

Below you can see the comparison between the viral video clip and original video


Fact Crescendo found that the original video of PM Modi was clipped and was shared without proper context. In the original video PM Modi was talking about digitalization of India where he mentioned that when India is using EVMs for election there are developed and educated countries who still cast votes in ballot paper. PM Modi was not speaking against EVMs in the video.


Title:Is PM Modi speaking about ending the use of EVMs during the election in this video? Know the truth.

Fact Check By: Siddharth Sahu 

Result: Missing Context

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