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Fans of the full moon should be happy to know that the next lunar event is happening in just a few days from now. Special events like this don’t happen every day; in fact, they only happen about once a month, and that’s why they’re called lunar cycles.

Here’s what to know about the next lunar event and the some of the next moon events outlined for 2024.

FULL MOON: January’s moon happening in just a few days!

January’s full moon is happening in just a few days, according to the website Moon Giant.

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Look up for the next lunar event on January 25, 2024.

It’s called the Wolf Moon, due to the association with wolves at this time of the year. Not unlike the Twilight series, the Northern Hemisphere is used to hearing wolves howl through the night during January.

South Africa doesn’t have many wolves, but we still call it the Wolf Moon!

February’s full moon for 2024

February’s full moon happens on February 24, 2024.

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This is called the Snow Moon, according to the website Time and Date. Snow is traditional during February for the Northern Hemisphere, and the name must have stuck!

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It’s also a leap year, during which February has an extra day.

March 2024: Moon date

March’s moon is called the Snow Moon because of its association with snow-covered terrain in some parts of the world.

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This moon is happening on March 25, 2024, says Astronomy Magazine.

Remember to look up!

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