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Relebogile had a chat with PR and Brand Manager, Gabbi Brondani on the best passports to have around the world.

Japan is ranked number one for the most powerful passport to have in 2022.

That’s according to the Henley Passport Index – which ranks all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations the holders of these passports can access without a visa. The index includes almost 200 different passports and 227 different travel destinations around the world.

The ranking is based on data from the International Air Transport Association – the world’s largest database of travel information.

The most powerful passport in the latest ranking is Japan. Japan has been top of the list for a while. Their passport holders are able to access 193 destinations around the world visa-free.

Gabbi Brondani – PR and Brand Manager

Next on the list are countries such as Singapore and South Korea. Their passport holders are able to access 192 destinations without a visa.

Meanwhile, South Africa falls just outside of the top 50 for most powerful countries where passports are concerned.

We are currently sitting at number 55 on the list with a visa-free score of 105.

Gabbi Brondani – PR and Brand Manager

Many countries require us to apply for visas.

For a UK visa, waiting times for visas is around six to eight weeks if you are lucky. For the US, the earliest booking you can get to apply for a US visa is February 2023. For France, anywhere from two to 15 working days is the estimated waiting period for a visa.

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