Johor job scam victim recounts being tortured, sold off five times in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

KUANTAN – From getting shocked with cattle prods and being brutally beaten up, a Malaysian cook suffered months of agonising torture as a victim of a job scam before he successfully escaped.

Mr See, 23, from Tangkak, Johor, had been tricked by an acquaintance who told him of a job offer to work at a restaurant in Cambodia.

He met with the contact person in Johor Jaya, who bought him a meal and offered him a drink. It was then that Mr See fell unconscious and was taken across the border by land and to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

“As I recall, it took about five days to get there. I was put to work by a syndicate doing love scams using Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

“They set my target at US$50,000 (S$68,577) a week and would beat me up or torture me with cattle prods if I could not scam enough victims,” said Mr See on Friday.

Mr See’s arms and legs were covered with grisly scars from getting shocked with cattle prods. He also had a fracture in his left foot from getting beaten up by the syndicate members.

Mr See said he was sold five times to different syndicate groups during his time in Sihanoukville.

He eventually managed to contact incumbent Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang through a friend in Kuantan.

Mr Sim said that for four months, Mr See would message him two to three times every week whenever he got tortured.

“He begged me to save him but getting victims out of Sihanoukville is a very difficult task. The syndicate would move him around to different locations and whenever I pass the information to our Malaysian authorities, the syndicate would somehow know about it and then torture See and move him again,” said Mr Sim.

In September, Mr See saw an opportunity to escape during a police raid in Sihanoukville and Mr Sim advised him to quickly make a run for it.

“I told him to get to Phnom Penh because my contacts are there and can help him,” Mr Sim said.

Mr See said he was chased by the syndicate members and had to switch taxis several times to avoid getting caught. Unfortunately, Mr See was robbed by a taxi driver, who left him with no money to continue his journey.

Mr Sim then told Mr See to hole himself up in a casino as there were security guards there who could dissuade the syndicate from trying to recapture him.

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